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why is the Lamborghini veneno roadster so expensive?

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jarrah alshallal

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of why is the Lamborghini veneno roadster so expensive?


About the horsepower(hp)
The veneno roadster has 740 bhp and 6.5 liter and a v12 engine that gives a power taht could charge from 0-62mph in 3 seconds and it reaches top speed 220mph.
"Horsepower @ RPM:
750" by simona
How much does it cost?
The body is all carbon fiber exterior and interior that means that it weighs 1,490kg that's a a lot for a sports car. it still is not enough for its price is €3.3million euros. "The 740bhp 6.5 litre V12 engine enables the Veneno to charge from zero to 62mph in under three seconds and reach a top speed of 220mph."
by: By Hiten Solanksi
The engine of the car.
The power to weigh ration is 4.38 pounds. That means that when you step on the gas it will rush to the system and give you a run to a car. That is 0 to 60 mph just in 2.9 seconds the top speed of the roadster is 221 mph. "power-to-weight ratio of just 4.38 pounds/horsepower"
by: simona
The transmission and wheels
The ISR is the brand of transmission helps the four wheel drive to push more power to the car. The car runs in a all wheel drive system it means that all tires are running not 2 wheel drive. "That is 0 to 60 mph just in 2.9 seconds the top speed of the roadster is 221 mph. Thats alot for a leight weight car. They added in the engine a isr transmission with five modes." by: simona
Why is the Lamborghini veneno roadster so expensive?
The lamborghini veneno has a big diffrence in the lamborghini veneno roadster. It was revealed at 2014 Geneva Motor show. It has the most expensive carbon fiber in all the cars history.
"The Veneno is unique; Lamborghini are manufacturing just nine Venenos. Even the colour of the vehicles is unique, a red known as Rosso Veneno which will only ever be used for these vehicles." By Hiten Solanksi
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