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Simple Subjects & Predicates

No description

Ella Banks

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Simple Subjects & Predicates

Simple Subjects & Predicates
Simple Subject
-is the key word OR words in the complete predicate. *Usually Verbs*

-Tells how the subject is, does, has, or feels.
-The simple predicate can be interrupted by other words.
-In some sentences the subject & predicate may be the same.
-Tells who or what the subject is about
- It can be a noun or pro-noun. *Not Adjectives*
-The simple subject is usually found before the the simple predicate.
By: Bri & Ella
Understood You
-It is the key word in the
Exmp.- A couple years ago the Golden Aces
went to state.
Find the Simple Subject
Students from our class serve lunches.
-Is an imperative sentence,
meaning it's directed towards you, but
does not say your name.
*Put the dishes up.
*Clean the room.
listen to the teacher.
George Washington Carver liked peanuts.
-May be the same as
the complete subject.
My father
the car.

The kids
must be controlled.
*The simple predicate can have a helping verb!!!*
Practice Problems
Example #2
Donna goes to the doctor.
Example #3
Go to school at 8 a.m.
Example #4
A student was injured in the game.
#1- Cally went shopping after school.
Example #5
On Friday my friends play football.
The angry
corrected the kids.

*Find the simple subject & predicate in the following sentences.*
The sun was shining earlier.
Aly likes to tumble.
Marissa watched the game.
Write a five page essay.
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