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Lambeth Parking Service - Road to Excellence

No description

Adam Hollingworth

on 27 June 2013

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Transcript of Lambeth Parking Service - Road to Excellence

P ONE WAY BSH Modern Technology is all around us... ...the internet and email... ...are key to our everyday lives We 'Tweet' our thoughts LIKE ...and each other's photos The World is Changing... WOOLWORTH'S This has affected consumerism and ultimately, the high street... ...meaning shops stay open
longer & later... And our smart phones and tablets all play an integral part in helping us stay connected. More people now shop online... ...& more delivery vehicles on the road Alternative delivery models need to be explored by local councils
Reduction in funds to LAs Access to information & data
PATAS phone appeals
& Reps by phone So how does this affect the Public Sector? FRESH Commissioning Model Outcome: Council Priorities 1) Aspirational Borough
2) Safe & Secure Borough
3) Caring Borough Departmental Priorities Divisional Priorities Cleaner
Safer IT & Permits Project SME Relocation
Project Flexible Working Social Committee Newsletter
Team Appraisals 121s 3rd & 4th Survey Learning & Development Create Staff Council Deliver Staff Commitments Staff Engagement C C T V WFH - Reviewing Housing Estates More ANPR cameras Review enforcement patterns Member Priorities Reduce Costs & Complaints
Improve Reputation
Maximise Income Will take on a more active role regarding service delivery Corporate Customer Access Strategy Reduce Avoidable Contact
Channel Shift
(To be agreed by Council) IT Strategy Sharepoint
The 'Martini Effect' £££ £1M Budget Pressure ASDM Outcome:
= Mutualise
As-is = commissioning model WWW New Website Coming Soon... "Any Time, Any Place, Anywhere"
On all devices AVAILABLE AGILE SECURE AFFORDABLE TRENDS ...so in which direction is the sector going and what trends are evident? ICPS View images and video
Pay online
Refund request online
Challenge online
Track online challenges -
"Dominos experience"
Hire company portal for TOLs
Utility company portal for bulk
payments and challenges
User friendly website Self Serve Online feedback
and surveys New Self Serve System Permit Holders Only WARNING Parking Suspension Fully integrated online application and approval system "Face to Face" Reduction Virtual Permits Online Permit ookup for Public L e.g. post office, libraries, local businesses Investigate alternative face to face channels other than JSC Tracking of Permit Requests & Refunds Online change of address and vehicle Refunds reduced and automated where possible
Fault reporting – online primarily and not telephone
Remove all Metric machines and redistribute Parkeon machines
Reduce vandalism Pay By Phone Outsourcing of Back Office Decrease in PCN Issuance Bay Sensors 3) Caring Borough Automated letters One-touch Appeals Pack Reduce email channel Cut Backlogs Access to TMOs ...and on-street sales systems 'Like' & Comment on Images WFH Online Community
Online Access to Policy Docs Links to Permits system... User-friendly 'Look & Feel' New reporting methods using 'visualisations' e -
pocket books Reduced Cancellations Improved Recovery Rate Better Comms on Transport Systems Virtual Permits Flexible Working Customer Experience Raised Awareness of Disabilities P £ Have you paid & displayed? Analyse Cost to Serve Increase CCTV smart cars and reduce on foot issuance Reduce P&Ds Interface to paid for parking systems and bay sensors on iOS handhelds PARKING SECTOR TRENDS Cashless Parking Outsourcing of Back Office Decrease in Issuance Bay Sensors Home Working So where are WE headed on the 7th floor? Continual Improvement Customer Experience Enforcement Debt Recovery Sa sales Jeff the Chef The Council is under increased pressure to work and support SMEs Technological advances e.g. bay sensors, changing on street enforcement Online time applications 1 st Lessons Learned CONTRACTS Printing Scanning CCTV ANPR Web/IVR Payments NSL Negotiations Contract Consolidation Change Operating Models ROAD TO EXCELLENCE Strategic Outcome:
Fill the budget gap by increasing sales and improving the quality of enforcement, debt recovery and the customer experience Channel shift to self serve and reduce face to face and telephone contact Engage with our businesses and residents Make information and data more accessible to our citizens Ensure all our contracts are valid and not expired Make LPS more accessible to the citizen Reduce P&D support costs Increase the recovery rate to over 70% Calculate cost to serve models for PCNs and Permits Deliver the Seamless Public Realm initiatives Increase back-office productivity and quality Relocate the Service Deliver the staff commitments Achieve 10:7 desk ratio Continually improve the service Put processes in place to eradicate repeat service delivery failings Negotiate with supplier to obtain the best deal for the Council Reduce refunds Reduce scanning costs Make our data easy to read Manage and improve our relationships with our stakeholders Ensure every full-time employee has an L&D plan Introduce a Staff Council Reduce complaint escalation Adopt the new behaviours
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