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Copy of Democracia: Ser y Durar

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Sophia Laurenzi

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Democracia: Ser y Durar

What's Going On In Spain? "Kidnapping of Democracy" Whats going on in Spain?!? The Location: REASON #1 STYLE OF CLOTHING The Sport of Parkour To Exist and Persist What is the Piece? Rise above the dead and triumph over the living Democracia: Ser y Durar
"To Be and to Last" Austerity Cuts:
Housing Market
Pensions are cut
Unemployment on the rise Presented in the Black Box of the Hirshhorn Gallery in Washington D.C., Pablo Espana and Ivan Lopez's "Democracia: Ser y Durar" is a video installation piece presented on a three paneled walls that is around 8 minutes long. The piece documents 5 hooded parkour "traceurs" flipping, jumping, twisting, and leaping through the Almudena Cemetery in Madrid Spain. In the presentation we will discuss about how the style of clothing, location of performance, and style of athletics shows the resistance and persistence of youth and therefore demonstrates how the living persist above the dead. Thesis! Spending cuts:
Less Benefits
Less public services provided How does it relate to the piece? People are standing up against this "kidnapping of democracy" and creating their own revolution.
It was coordenated by social media! It has a younger take on protesting
it just shows the general shift of public opinion in Madrid (All Must Go) The color RED Red is a powerful and aggressive color where authors of The Complete Color Harmony claim, "the color says danger, excitement, passion, strength, aggression and success. That's not just an emotional reaction, but a physiological one as well,"(Sutton, Whelan 156).
Group of red hoodies evokes power within the Traceur group= the "existence" that the traceurs have over their environment Was the color red a coincidence? Nope. The type of clothing the Parkour athletes wear both act to conceal and emphasize attention to the Traceurs and shows both the existence and persistence that they have over their surroundings Red= Existance! Reason #1: The Red Hoodie! The red juxtaposes against the muted color palette While the back round consists of dark greens, muted browns, pale blue, and the array of grays. The Pyrrole red Hoodie completely stands out against the back round and overpowers the color palette STYLE OF CLOTHING The Hoodie Itself! You can't see them at all! History of hip-hop and skater gang Offiliation. Gang = Crime. They are Outsiders. The hoodies are used to conceal the traceurs' bodies from the outside world. This reflects the culture of concealment hoodies bring to the "rebels of society" and therefore the hoodies show the PERSISTANCE of the traceurs The hoodies (along with their facemasks) completely conceal them and therfore they remain unonymous, as an idea.
PERSISTANCE Emblems on the Hoodies the emblems and the text of the individual hoodies symbolize the connection to the dead by repeating the themes of "To be and to last" Why is it Important? Cementerio de la Almudena Its a different way of looking at art advocating a revolution. Symbolism is more subtle For more ballin artwork go to www. democracia.com.es "The uniforms of the ghostlike acrobats in the film are emblazoned with emblems that the artist note are designed "to refer to the working class, internationalism, anarchy, secret societies, and revolution" ( Hirshhorn.esi.edu) Example: The eblem of the skull and crossbones stitched "Freedom to the dead" not only makes the connection between the traceurs and the dead the perform over, but it directly makes the connection to how the dead are liberated by the vivacious movement of the traceurs. (Democracy) What is Parkour? Parkour, originally named L'art du Placement (The art of is obstacle training where one overcomes obstacles of basic artchitecture by climbing, flipping, jumping, leaping, twisting, etc to... continuously run There are many different connections to who actually created the official sport, but one theory was how the sport was created by David Belle, who while in the military endured military obstacle training, and adapted training techniques in the jungle during military service. The performance of parkour the traceurs liberate the progressives of the deceased through the vitality, mobility, and freedom the traceurs express The engraving of the tombstones featured in the almudena Cemetery repeat the recurring themes of thriving above the dead, repeating the theme of persistance (All Must Go)
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