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Cassie Skeele

No description

maryann carroll

on 9 June 2016

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Transcript of Cassie Skeele

The different types of cancer
There are many different types of cancer that need different medicine in order to be treated.

Adult treatment Vs Child treatment
As you all know children can not take adult medicine so when trying to find a cure for cancer that plays a huge factor.
How bad really is cancer
Everybody knows cancer is bad but do you really know how bad it effects people.
Additional facts
Allegedly substances causing cancer are found everyday.
Pictures & Diagrams
Why is it so hard to find a cure for cancer?
By.Cassie Skeele
Kidney,lung,and breast cancer would need a medicine that would be very sensitive because those places are fragile.
Stomach,colon,and esophagus cancer were obtained with culture cell lines.A certain medicine would be needed because of the culture cell lines.
Children bodies are usually able to recover from higher dose's of chemotherapy than adult bodies.
For children radiation can cause worse side effects for a longer period of time than adults.
Children medicine contains only a little amount of acetaminophen but adult medicine contain more acetaminophen which is not good for children bodies.
23% of the overall United States die from cancer that's 589,000 people per year.
For men there is a 1in2 chance of developing cancer.For women a 1in3 chance of developing cancer.
Cancer causes the nation about 263.8 billion dollars every two years.
Evidence of cancerous tumors in bones have been found in ancient writings.
THANKS FOR WATCHING and always keep fighting.
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