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Ostrander, We Beat the Street

We Beat the Street

Jefferson Middle

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Ostrander, We Beat the Street

By Morgan Ostrander h Words Message A kid named Train was lying on the cold cement ground
bleeding from the side where he was stabbed and was bruised head to toe. George is careful because he was the only one who didn't go to jail for a crime. Reasons why I liked the book.
1. it taught me new words
2. taught me to think before you act
3. it happened around my age
4. made me thankful for my life
5. they didn't lie to us and they were truthful apathy- lack of interest
diligently- hardworking
entrepreneur-person who is in business
poverty- condition of being poor
rigors-strictness When times get tough don't give up work harder. I can apply
that to life when I don't get it I just try harder. Part of book We Beat the Street Sam is hardworking
because he worked harder. When he didn't pass the test the 1st time but he worked harder
to pass the 2nd time. Rameck is a
because he sprayed
silly string in the
teachers face and got
in big trouble.
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