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Refugee Boy

Novel study

Shimel Picco

on 11 May 2011

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Transcript of Refugee Boy

DIED Setting Characters Ethiopia Eritrea London Alem kilo Alem's Dad By: Benjamin Zephaniah Refugee
Boy Characteristics Brave Independent Scared wants to be an arcetict By: Benjamin Zephaniah CARING
Mariam Shiela The Fiztgerald family meanly street
Nicholas Story Line Beginning In the begining we meet alem kilo. Alem is a 14 year old boy We learn that life is unsafe for alem because he is half ethiopian and half eritrean and the 2 countrys are at war On his 14th birthday his dad took him on a "trip" to england One day alem woke up to find that his father is gone and has left a note for him stating that its unsafe for him in ethiopia and eriterea Alem then gets a vist from mariam and pamela. They say they are workers for the refugee coucil They then sent alem to go to an asylum Middle Alem didn't like it in the asylum because the older boys were fighting with him for minor issues Alem's Mom Alem,s Barrister Ruth Mr.fiztgerald and mrs fiztgerald Alem,s foster family refugee council member Alem,s social woker LOVING MOTHER DIED London Alem told them his story. He decided to run away but failed because he just ran in a big circle Mariam heard about what happend and came to the asylum with a woman named Sheila.Shiela told alem that she was his social worker and that he can go to a foster home The next day Alem went to the foster familys house. He met Mr. and Mrs. Fitzgerald and thier daughter Ruth. The Fiztgeralds cared for alot of foster kids and Alem noticed this, but he still liked it better than the asylum. He decided to live their Mrs. Fitzgerald then inroled Alem into a school where he later met his long to be friend Robert A couple of days later alem got a vist from mariam and sheila who gave him a letter from his father The letter said that Alem's mother has gone missing and that his father can't find her Alem started thinking that somthing bad happend to his mother but the fiztgerald family ressured him
Alem decided that he would still go to school. He presumed his activitys as normal. A couple of days later Alem got another visit from mariam and Shiela saying that the form he filled out was denied by the goverment and that he has to go to court The day Alem went to court he met his layer Nicholas.When Alem and Nicholas went into the court the judge said that he would post phone the case for the two sides to get ready Alem then got another letter from his father stating that Alem's mother has died Alem at first took in this information and bottled it up but after a while he just let it out in a big explosion of emotions Ruth immediatly came to his aid and helped him cope with his loss. End
Alem then told them his story.
After the story they took Alem to their office to fill out forms A few days later Robert and Alem went to a man named Asher. Asher was from africa anda former student at Alem's school so Robert thought the two would have somthing in common. Alem liked Asher and found him to be a nice friend One day Alem woke up to the sound of Ruth's voice saying that she has a suprise for him. When he opend his eyes he was suprised to see his father! Alem was very happy to see his father and wanted to do alot with him. They went out and ate some traditional Ethiopian food. The next morning Alem got news that his father was taken to jail. Alem felt as his life was like a roller coaster going up and down with his emotions Alem's father was then given a small apartment in a very old hotel to live in and has to go to court with Alem to find out if he can stay in England The day of the trail Alem and his father were very nervous on what was going to happen. The judge decided that Alem and his father should go back to their country because he thinks there is no major harm Everyone was shocked on what the judge said.When Alem told Robert, he thought that it was very unfair Alem was also told that he had to move in with his father because now he has an illegal gaurdian Robert (along with some other friends and peers of Alem) decided that they should make a campain for Alem to stay Alem needed to ask permission from his father. His father was scepticle at first but after seeing all the people who wanted to participate, he decided that it would be a good idea Authors Message I think the authors message is to never give up even when times are ruff becasue when Alem was put through being alone in a country, losing his parents, and being bullied for where he's from, he kept on going. In the end it turned out ok for Alem because he kept on perservering and fought for his right to stay in England END The march went as planned and was peaceful for the most part. The day after the march when Alem came home he could not find his father. When he got to his room Mariam and Sheila came in and told Alem that his father was shot near the EAST building and the killer was not found The officer that came with Mariam and sheila said that Alem's appeal was on the 27th of March The judge at the appeal let Alem go free On december 20th 2000 Ethiopia and Eritrea signed a peace treaty
In the beginning we meet Alem kelo and his father. Alem's father takes him on a "trip" to england. The next day Alem's dad is gone and he is alone. The refugee council comes and tells Alem that they will help him.They take Alem to an asylum but he doesn't like it there so they send him to a foster home. Alem likes the foster home but a couple of days later he gets letter from his father saying his mom is dead. One day
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