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Steps in Forming Conscience as We Make Moral Decisions

Jocelyn Sideco

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Conscience

Steps in Forming Conscience Making Moral Decisions What is happening? What and Who exactly is involved? What are some of the motives? What are possible consequences? What good can happen? What bad can occur? LOOK Pray that your heart is open to doing what is right. PRAY Use your head to widen and test your understanding of what is good and right by SEEKING THE WISDOM of others. SEEK WISDOM Use your head and heart to make a personal decision. DECIDE ACT Use your current wisdom to LOOK at and assess the situation; try to view the situation and issues as clearly as possible. Am I willing to do what is right and do it for the right reasons? Am I open to the guidance of others? Am I willing to say "yes" to God? Key Others The Church God As I reflect on the wisdom of others and apply it to my situation, does my own understanding of what is at stake become clearer? Have I prayed about the situation and, if so, which direction gives me the greatest sense of peace? What is my conscience -- the deepest core of who I am -- telling me to do? Do I really desire to do the right thing and desire the best for myself and others? Use your hands and feet and heart to ACT on the decision What are the first steps I specifically need to take to put this decision into practice? Am I praying for continued wisdom and guidance from God? am I praying for the courage to do what is right and for the right reasons? After taking these steps, has anything changed that would make me re-evaluate the decision? If so, start at Step 1 and move through the steps again.
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