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My Family Tree

No description

claire tomczik

on 10 December 2018

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Transcript of My Family Tree

Hilgart Family History
Pritzl Family History
The history of the Pritzl family dates back to the birth of Johann Pritzl in the year of 1757. One of his children was given the name Wolfgang.
History of Bohemia
My Family Tree
By. Claire Tomczik
My Family
Saint Wolfgang

(b. 924 d. 994) was a holy and dedicated Catholic missionary who became the Apostle of Bavaria in the land of Bohemia. Wolfgang was best known for his preaching, teaching abilities and his charity care for the people of the diocese.
Bohemia had an area of 20,058 square miles. According to the 1900 census Bohemia had a population of 6,316,697. It was one of the most thickly settled provinces of the monarchy, having 315 inhabitants to the square mile. The Czechs form 63 percent of the population, and the Germans 36 per cent. The Germans live chiefly near the boundaries of the country especially near the northern and northwestern boundaries.
The Hilgart family originated in the Bohemian Forest area in what is now the Czech Republic, Europe. For centuries people lived on rural farms working as farmers, miners and glass makers. They cut wood fro fuel and building materials from the Bohemian Forest. Many people dreamed of a place where they could own land and not be responsible to a land baron.
Roman Catholic
Claire Kennedy Tomczik
Derek Micheal Tomczik
David Michael Tomczik
Paula Kennedy
James Tomczik


Patrica Anne

Scott Tomczik
Hazel Hilgart


Lawrence J Pritzl

John Hilgart

Dora Parker
Charles Parker
Michael Hilgart Sr.

Frank Pritzl
Wolfgang II Pritzl
Franziska Pritzl
Wolfgang I Pritzl
Florence Pritzl
Wolfgang Pritzl
Anna Pritzl
Johann Pritzl
Johann Pritzl
Born 1757 in Lam, Bavaria, Germany
Anna (
) Pritzl
Born 1757 in Lam
Weaver by trade
Wolfgang II Pritzl
Born September 25, 1863 in Himmelreich, Bavaria
Died Augest 26, 1948 at the age of 84 in Park Falls Wisconsin
Karolina (Brandl) Pritzl
Born June 4, 1865 in Mooshutte Bavaria
Died July 16, 1933 at the age of 68 in Park Falls Wi
Six boys and five girls
First Generation To Immigrate To America
Hemmelreich is a farming community located on the western slope of the Osser Mountain approximately one mile or so from the town of Lam. No one knows exactly why Wolfgram II decided to immigrant to America. A possible reason for leaving would have to do with political issues, mandatory commitment to enlist in the military. Also Karolina had a brother who immigrated to America prior to 1891.

In 1891 Wolfgang II and Karolina and Frank, their first born boarded a ship (probably out of Rotterdam) bound for America. Upon arrival to America in 1891, Karolina was not allowed to disembark the ship due to a severe flu epidemic and only allowed to leave once they were cured. They later traveled to Fifield Wisconsin. In 1894 Wolfgang II moved his family to Park Falls and started farming.

"The ability to go where you please, do whatever you want and to live the life style u chose. Wolfgang II and his family came to America to live that dream, they embraced the rules of their new government, they learned to speak it's language, became citizens of this great country, and by doing so became part of it's society. May God continue to bless our "Land of the Free and Home of the Brave".
Frank Pritzl
Born May 16, 1889 in Sibersbach Bavaria Germany
Age of 2 sailed to America for a new life

Born April 8, 1891 in Germany
Immigrated to America at the age of 19, lived in Marshfield WI
Married May 15, 1912 in Park Falls WI
12 children, 6 boys 6 girls
Lawrence J. Pritzl
Born May 5, 6 1920 in Park Falls WI
One of the six boys drafted into military service during WWII
Died in action on the Island of Okinawa April 22, 1945
) Pritzl
Born February 29, 1924 in Park Falls WI


Born December 31, 1943 in Park Falls WI
James D Tomczik

Born August 11, 1941 in Wausau WI
Died June 15, 2015 in Wausau
Had 3 children
David Tomczik

Born May 26, 1965 in Wausau WI


Born March 25, 1966 in Wausau WI
Married May 7, 1994
2 kids
Derek Michael Tomczik
Born April 14, 1997 in Wausau WI
Claire Kennedy Tomczik
Born April 15 2000 in Wausau WI
From the feminine form of the Latin adjective 'clarus' meaning bright or clear
Middle name same as father
Middle name same as mother
Middle name after John. F Kennedy
Worked at Kraft Foods
Worked at Wausau Papers in Brokaw
Worked at Wausau Papers in Brokaw for 27 years
Currently employed at Domtar Paper
Works at Sentury Insurance in Stevens Point
Tomczik- Polish, shortened from a longer harder to pronounce version
Family history books helped provide needed information
Family cooperated
No "black sheep" in the family
Not enough time to deep deep into my families history on both sides
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