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New York Colony Presentation

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Rachel Lyons

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of New York Colony Presentation

New York Colony Prezi,By Rachel Lyons,Created For Mr.Lindeman's 6th Hour American History Class,
Map of the 13 Colonies
Arrow Indicates The Colony of New York
Why was New York Colony Founded?
There is no apparent reason for founding but base upon who first is thought to have explored and settled in the area: The Dutch West India Co.
Based upon common knowledge about the Virginia Company wanting to find precious metals I would say that they are in search of the same thing
Family Life
Did you know?
First homes were often caves that served a one room house?
Many settlers made their furniture out of logs or went with out having really any? Others were really wealthy and could afford store bought furniture.
Your family was usually quite large and everyone did their share of the work. Not working was a sin.
Clothing was made of wool. Men wore breaches. Ladies,girls,and young boys wore dresses. Young boys only wore the loose dresses until the age of 5-6 years old.
Who Founded New York?
New York was in it's "Founding Stage" From 1614 until 1674. 10 years after it's founding date conflict between the Duke of York and the Dutch West India Co. But the main settling time occurred in 1624 when the Dutch landed on Governor's Island and spread throughout the state.
In 1626 New York gained more land when Peter Minuit arrived on Manhattan Island and along with other Dutch Settlers purchased the island with 60 gliders that is equivalent to $24 today.
Family Life Cont.
Chores were often things that needed to be done around the house.
Taught the 3 "r's" Reading, riting, and rithmatic. ( supposed to be spelled that way)
School is 6 days a week Monday-Saturday
Most schools started at 7 am!
Played most of the games we play outside including but not limited to tag and "rounders" (baseball).
Map Facts
Bordered By: New Hampshire, Massachusetts,Connecticut, Rhode Island,Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.
Major Lakes and Rivers : North Atlantic Ocean, and two " Great Lakes" what would become lakes Erie and Ontario.
Major Towns: See Map Below
Want More Info? Check out the website below.
What Group of Indians Lived In New York Before Settlers Arrived?
The Eastern Woodlands Indians lived in New York before Dutch and English settlers arrived.
Works Cited Page
Hey Don't Forget me Interesting Facts!!
Somethings I learned were

- School was mostly recitations
-Read a ton
- First One Room School Houses
-Had Hornbooks
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