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The Invention of The Cotton Gin

Project on Eli Whitney.

hadley erdman

on 6 June 2011

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Transcript of The Invention of The Cotton Gin

The Invention of The Cotton Gin
By: Hadley Erdman Information Comparison Info Eli Whitney created
the Cotton Gin. Eli Whitney was
born in Westboro,
Mass. He was born on Decmber
8, 1765. Eli graduated from Yale
in 1792. Eli Whitney Cotton Gin The Cotton Gin is a machine that
automaticly separates the
Cottonseed from
the cotton fiber. Which Made
the cotton buisness grow. The Cotton Gin was granted a patent
on March 14, 1794. The growth of the cotton
went from 750,000 bales in 1830 to
almost 4 million bales in 1860. It was very massive growth. Mostly in the Southern, United States. Eli Whitney did not make
a lot of profit because a lot
of farmers duplicated his machine. Cotton was very
popular to grow in the South
because it is so easy to grow. After the Cotton Gin
was invented it
became the number
one cash crop in the
South. Internet I am comparing to
internet because
I think they are similar
to each other. They are similar because
both of them saved time. The
Cotton gin saved time because
it separated the cotton from the
seeds. The internet saves time on
topics you are looking for. Graphs Similarities Differences The internet started
in the 1960's. The Cotton Gin made separating cotton
Saved more time
Made farmers more money Pros Cons Some cons to the Cotton Gin is:
A lot more slaves
Price in land went up The internet is a networks that consists of millions of private, public, academic, business, and government networks, of local to global scope, that are linked by electronic and wireless networking. The internet makes modern technology
better. The internet was made to build a
computer system that a nuclear war could
not even disable. Pros Some pros to the internet:
Saves time
Saves money
Phones Cons Some cons are:
Cyber bullying
Can't erase history
People could hack your computer
People could get info off the internet about you They are similar because
they grew in popularity
fast. They are both very important
in our history and future. Both the Cotton Gin and
Internet have pros and cons. A difference between the
internet and the Cotton Gin is
the Cotton Gin is not as popular
to modern day as the internet is. The Cotton Gin made
land prices rise. The internet
made computer demand rise. You can replicate the Cotton Gin,
you can't replicate the internet. THE END
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