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Electricity Portfolio

No description

Ruby Trand

on 19 June 2017

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Transcript of Electricity Portfolio

for my portfolio I chose to focus on the price of electricity...
measurement of pricing of electricity.
how hydroelectricity used water to make power.
The math behind the pricing of electricity.
Why is this part of subject in science important to society ...
it teaches you how much effort it takes for you to pay a certain amount.
Image by Tom Mooring
I can now understand how they decide how much your electricity bill costs. and the average cost of a kilowatt and how they're made. My understanding deepened by learning the math behind the cost of kilowatts.
How my understanding changed and deepened...
Electricity Portfolio
Ruby Trand
What was difficult for me to understand and what I'm interested in...
this equation helped me to understand the measurements :
(height of dam) x (river flow) x (efficiency)
example: one gallon of water falling per second falling 100 feet can generate one kilowatt of electricity.

one kilowatt costs around 10 cents in BC.
Residential conservation rate in BC
there are 2 different steps in the rate.
There is step 1 which is a average or under average use of electricity.
step 1: $ o.0858 per kilowatt.
and step 2 which is a over average rate ( 1350 kWh in 2 month) of use of electricity.
step 2: $ 0.1287 per kilowatt

What future careers depend on the kind of science...
kilowatts engineering.
kilowatts constructions.
generator mechanic.
people who build and research electric cars and other appliances.
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