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Introduction to Xenobiology

Teaching Ecology Through Science Fiction

daniel Jircik

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Introduction to Xenobiology

Double click anywhere & add an idea Introduction To Xenobiology:
Teaching Ecology through Science Fiction [Kool Keith:]
Recycled services, you know the nerve of this
Oxygen gone, you ne- you never heard of this
[beat kicks in]
From the forest fire Movin out, movin out from the forest fire
Movin out the elements
Y-y-y- you know my central intelligence
Like the elephants

Trees are dying (trees are dying)
Trees are dying (trees are dying)
Trees are dying (trees are dying)
Information is more concealed
Trees are dying (trees are dying)
Trees are dying (trees are dying)

[Kool Keith:]
Papers get printed
Trees may be extinct like the elephants(Like the elephants)
You know the advancement for the elegance
Dow Jones Industrial, real like my reels
You know the environmental change and its appeal
Information is more concealed
Info- information is more concealed
Trees are dying
Trees- trees- trees- trees are dying
Scientific study, ask your chemical buddy
Cut McGillicuddy
Dispatchin out to you, imagine, imagine
Usin material for Christmas, I doubt you
Back-back- back to the lab
An indirect sequel to Enders Game, Speaker For The Dead can be read and enjoyed by students who have not read the first book.The novel deals with themes of religious and social tolerance, cultural understanding, and scientific exploration.

Set on the world of Lusitiania, a Brazilian colony, Speaker for the Dead is the story of a family of outcasts who strive to understand the physiology and psychology of the aliens living on the planet.
Strategies for Speaker For the Dead:
Anticipation Guide:

It is possible to commit murder but remain innocent

It is possible to study other people without cultural bias Sample Likert Scale Items:

Libo and Ela did the right thing by sharing human technology with the piggies

Rooter committed murder when he killed Pipo
Anticipation Guide

Probable Passage

Literature Circles

Likert Scales
Although it is written on a "sixth grade reading level," Speaker for the Dead is more suitable for a high school classroom because it contains situations and that are not necessarily age-appropriate for younger students. The themes of the book would likely be difficult for younger readers to grasp. The aspects of the book most relevant to a social studies classroom are those that deal with Libo and Pipo's ehtical concerns as "xenographers," who are essentially anthropologists who study alien life.
The book raises questions about how we decide who or what is worthy of ethical consideration, and challenges the reader to think about how we view the actions of people who are unlike ourselves.
The bizarre life cycles of the flora and fauna of Lusitania provide a jumping off point for the study of evolution and natural selection.
The novel presents an interesting take on colonialism, and could introduce a unit on American Independence. The Tree Of Life: Charles Darwin
Written and Illustrated by Peter Sis A beautifully illustrated introduction to the life and work of Charles Darwin. The Great Kapok Tree
Written and Illustrated by Lynne Cherry This book is intended for younger readers, but I would use it to introduce a unit on ecology and environmentalism.

The action of the story centers on a young man who falls asleep at the foot of a tree he has been told to cut down. In his dream, all the animals who benefit from the tree speak to him and convince him not to cut it down.

Students would be asked to choose a keystone species (native or in a different area) and describe all the links that tie it into the ecosystem. And that's all well and good, but. . . Because it is written for younger readers, this book leaves out any discussion of the economic realities that are the true culprits of rainforest destruction.
The students would be asked to write a rebuttal from the young man's perspective, challenging them to think about another person's point of view on a controversial topic.

A KWL chart could be useful during this unit, since the text itself is not particularly challenging.
Likert and semantic differential scales can be used to spark discussion of rainforest protection and the attitudes found in developed and developing nations.
Sometimes a mortal feels in himself Nature -- not his Father but his Mother stirs within him, and he becomes immortal with herimmortality. From time to time she claims kindredship with us, and some globule from her veins steals up into our own.I am the autumnal sun,With autumn gales my race is run;When will the hazel put forth its flowers,Or the grape ripen under my bowers?When will the harvest or the hunter's moonTurn my midnight into mid-noon?I am all sere and yellow,And to my core mellow.The mast is dropping within my woods,The winter is lurking within my moods,And the rustling of the withered leafIs the constant music of my grief... I am the Autumnal Sun - Henry David Thoreau
Back- back-back- back to the lab
Oxygen, oxygen come inCarbon dioxide comin out to youCar-carbon dioxide comin out to youCarbon dioxide comin out to you[Chorus][Kool Keith:]Usin material for Christmas, papers get printedTrees may be extinct like the elephantsYou know the advancement for the eleganceDow Jones Industrial, real like my reelsYou know the environmental change and its appealInformation is more concealedTrees are DYING~!Carbon dioxide comin out to you [x4]Where you get that bench and table from?Add to the mortgage, oneYou made a deficit evilly to boost your sumCuttin trees down all around
to make you king of the mighty dollarIncrease your ground, sellin boxes from Fort KnoxTo challenge your wooden stocksBreakin into vaulted areas with locksThe trees are...[Chorus][Kool Keith:]Watch your atmosphere, pesticidesControl damagin trees and the rootsA bunch of chemicals y'all turnin it looseA bunch of chemicals y'all turnin it Dr. Octagon
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