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Informative Aid Speech

ZOMG! 8D! - Liam du Preez

Liam du Preez

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Informative Aid Speech

Informative Aid Speech
Liam du Preez So I was supposed to make a beautiful Visual thingy. But I'm not exactly the most 'arty' guy when it comes down to it. Im not very pretty either. The Most Beautiful Thing In My Life. Rugby: The Hooligan's sport played by Warriors. These Pictures hurt, Liam. D:< I'm just saying, gosh! Dont have to be so mad about it! v_v... RLY?! <:D? YAY! ^_^ This World needs more Rugby Players. I guess I'm not GOOD enough to be your informative Aid, I guess. TT_TT Okay. A world with more Rugby Players would be a better world for all.
I Hope you all Enjoyed this moron's speech. ._. Back to Business. The Average Rugby Player is perfect on the outside.
Like Me Rugby Player's Inner Beauty

Sportsmanship (Sometimes)



Support Rugby Player's are not what they Seem.

Quick Thinkers


Calm, Relaxed

"The Post-Game Hugathon" THANK YOU! <(o_o)^
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