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A boy that ran away...

s b

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of MANIAC MAGEE

Maniac Magee Chapter.1 Maniac Magee's parents died because their trolley driver was drunk.He went to live with his aunt Dot and Uncle Dan.He ran away from home. a Maniac main characters Maniac (Jeffery) Amanda Beale Chapter 2. Maniac Magee started out living in Hollidaysburg and wound up in bridgeport but noone new what took him to long, the year spent running from Hollidaysburg to Bridgeport should have only taken him about a 2 weeks people call this the lost year chapter 3.The first Maniac ever talked to was Amanda Beale, she was carying a suitcase, she likes reading books. chapter 4 Maniac Magee made an appearences that day once at the high school football feild. Chapter.5 there was a little guy named arnold a bunch o high scool kids threw him into finserwalds yard because thats life D: Chapter 6.
Maniac magee ate dinner at the Pickwells they ate spaghetti none of hem knew him so they were discussing who knew them then before you could say antidisestablishmantarinism he was gone dah...dah...daaaaaaah Chapter 7
\Maniac Magee went to a baseball feild where a guy named John Mcnab
was playing baseball.John Mcnab was a picher and barely anyone could hit his throws, Maniac came and hit all of his throws. after tha he go a frog and threw i a maniac, Maniac bunted it thn got a HOME RUN!! chapters 8 and 9 Maniac Magee was bein talked anou b people about how he could intercep Brian Dehne's pass james hands down, and hit John Mcnab's pitches and how he was probably the first one to get a home run b bunting a frog. John Mcnab has a grouo of freinds called The Cobras, The Cobras chased Maniac Maagee all around town. chapter 10 Maniac Magee was happy he got to he oher end of town because he Cobras wouldnt dare go over... then a kid came up behind him he was holding a bar his nickname in town was Mars Bar Tompson he was picking on Maniac. The he rippe a page out of Amanda's book. He was actin liuk,e a bad boy he said "take a bie i my mars bar i dare you" so Maniac took a bie "he said hank you" but Maniac didnt know that white kids didnt put der mouths where black kids put theres. Chapter 11.
Maniac didnt know what would make amanda more mad not getting the book back at all or getting it with a page ripped out. Mara bar was back with some freinds, they corneed him onto a wall. Amanda rode by on a bike sawthe ripped page came ove and sarteed kickin Mars bar, Mars Bar ran away. chapter 12 Maniac wen o Amandas house er mom was wwashing the T.V because Amandas lile brothes drew on it with crayon. Amanda's brother and sisters names ae Hester and Lester. Hester and Lester really liked Maniac, and so did there do Bowwow. Maniac stayed there over night. Joel Bartlett licked my butt chapter 13
Amanda was pleased to give up her bed because she was to scaared to sleep alone, she got to sleep with Hester and Lester.
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