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Nowhere to Call

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Nowhere to Call

Chapter One
Frances Elizabeth Barrow and her servants are awakened in the middle of the night by a strange noise coming from her father's room. Junius, the gardener pulled Frances to the side and took her into her room. There, he told her that her father had committed suicide. Due to the Great Depression Frances' father had lost all of his money and thought that committing suicide was better than being homeless.
Chapter Two
Frances has received the news from her father's lawyer that she will not be able to live in her home in Philadelphia anymore. Even though she doesn't want to she is to move to Chicago and live with her Aunt Bushnell, who she hardly even knows.
Chapter Three
The servants all lost their jobs working in the Barrow home. Even though Frances is going to live with her aunt, the servants don't have any family members to rely on. While they were talking about where they were going to live, Junius told how he was going to ride the rails. This sparked excitement into Frances and she had a new desire to ride the rails.
Chapter Four
Frances tries to persuade Junius to let her accompany him while he rides the rails. But he won't take her because it is illegal for both of them to ride the rails, let alone a child. Frankie does not like the idea of living with her aunt because she might have the same rules as her father did.
Chapter Five
Frances says her goodbyes, and on her way to the train station she realizes that the servants were more family to her than her aunt and father ever were. Once Frances is on the train she has second thoughts about moving with her aunt and gets off and redeem her ticket. She chooses the life of hopping trains instead of the life she could have had with her aunt.
Chapter Six
Frances decides that she should look like a boy so that she isn't treated any differently while being a hobo. Frances goes into a boy's and men's clothing store to find a disguise. After Frances finds an outfit she realizes her hair is to long, she uses her sewing kit to cut her hair shorter.
Chapter Eight
Frankie takes her first bath in a lake near the jungle since she has left home. Once Stewpot and Frankie reached the jungle they met a group of other hobos where she found other girls.
Nowhere to Call

By: Delanie Williamson
Chapter Seven
Once Frances has her clothes on, and hair cut she gets into a boxcar without trouble. In that boxcar she meets another hobo, a fifteen year old who goes by he name of Sewpot. Stewpot gives Frances the nickname Blue, because of the songs she plays on her harmonica.
Chapters Eight - Ten
Frankie and Stewpot meet a few other groups that included two girls, while they were staying in the ¨jungle¨. Frankie and Stewpot worked on a farm for a couple hours to earn food for themselves and the other people staying with them. This was the first time Frankie had to work for her food.
Chapters Eleven - Thirteen
After finding Frankie's bag with all of her possessions stolen by Red and his gang, Frankie hops her very first train which is heading toward the West. Once they get there, Stewpot bargains with a store owner for a knife for Frankie.
Chapters Fourteen - Sixteen
After hopping the train Frankie learns a little more about Stewpot than she did before. She learned that his father used to beat him and his family, that he doesn't know how to read, but he does know how to whittle. After learning this, Frankie jumps off of a moving train for the first time. They work for food at a young woman's house, who generously gives Frankie a new pair of pants.
Chapters Seventeen - Nineteen
While on the train heading to St. Louis, Frankie finally decides to tell Stewpot that she's a girl. But Stewpot turned the tables and told her that he had a suspicion of it all along, he also told her that his real name was James Haskel. Once they reached St. Louis things started to take a turn. While getting off of the train the cops catch Stewpot and Frankie and they spend the night in jail. The next night they head to a mission and spend the night there.
Chapters Twenty - Twenty Four
Stewpot's sickness is starting to get really bad once they get to the Rocky Mountains. The food, medicine, and supplies that Frankie bought aren't lasting long and are starting to become low. Stewpot started coughing up blood but refuses to go to Frankie's aunt's house.
Chapters Twenty-five & Twenty-six
Frankie takes Stewpot to a Hooverville, near the Rocky Mountains. They were only there shortly until Stewpot died of ammonia. After a hobo named Jack helped Frankie bury Stewpot, she got a cab and started on her way to her Aunt's house in Chicago.
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