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The National Garden BioBlitz

No description

Jane Adams

on 27 November 2014

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Transcript of The National Garden BioBlitz

1st Year - Trial
Starting Small
What have we learnt?
Where do we
go from here?
Some stats
The National Garden BioBlitz
... what is it?
It's a list of the wild flora and fauna found in a garden over a 24 hour period, on a pre-defined weekend, once a year.
How did it start?
Getting it right
Getting it wrong!
Some examples!
Jane Adams
Enviro. Marketer
Amateur Naturalist
Dr Richard Comont
Scientist & Bioblitz Addict
Ryan Clark
Enviro Biology Grad
Liz Shaw
Zoologist & Writer
John van Breda
Software Developer
Amateur Naturalist
Website & Enewsletter
iSpot - to help with IDs
Social Media - Twitter
Biological Recording Form - iRecord/Indicia
2nd & 3rd Year -
Open to all!
Info. as it happens!
Participants wrote blogs
Features in publications
/websites - thanks Kate!
Picked up by BBC/Springwatch
Promoted by the BNHC
27 participants
2270 records
784 species
549 participants
24995 records
1928 species
181 participants
10282 records
1603 species
Quality of records
A lot of participants had no knowledge
of common or scientific species names - we
set up a "top 20 species" sheet to help with this.
Most species need a good photograph to
ID them & even then it's not always possible.
We had to set up record filtering after the
event & manage participant's expectations.
It doesn't matter how easy you think you've made the processes and technology, someone will always struggle to use it... and that's fine. Just deal with it.
Doing a Garden BioBlitz is addictive - people love it!
Something families can do together OR you can do on your own
People with no experience loved
the sense of adventure & discovery
Experienced naturalists loved the challenge
More development work with iRecord/iSpot
Look for innovative uses for the records
Encourage more people out into their gardens!
Carry on having fun!
Run by volunteers,
for volunteers!

4 main elements...
ID Anyone?
ID Anyone?
ID Anyone?
ID Anyone?
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