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Trojan Horses

No description

Fredy Balon

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of Trojan Horses

Trojan Horses
They do appear harmless, but don't be tricked

The Trojans didn't see any sign of the Greek army.

They were fooled.
They accepted the gift and wheeled the horse into Troy
In Greek Mythology, the Greeks decided to build a huge wooden horse for the Trojans
They're fatal if they're not encounterd quickly
Work Cited
Results can be...
Data theft in passwords or information in your PC
Keystroke logging
Remote viewing
Controlling your PC
Even downloading and uploading files to and from your computer
The Greek soldiers came out of the horse at night and opened the gates to the city.

Letting the rest of the army to come in the city to attack.
Even though they can't replicate, they can still be very destructive
They're not viruses
They're malicious programs that are disguised as something else
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You can defend your smartphone, laptop, computer, and tablets from Trojans
They are very sneaky and will try to remain hidden as long as they can
There are many different types of Trojans such as...



Trojan Banker

Trojan Ransom




All of them perform different actions
These actions can include...
Deleting data
Blocking data
Modifying data
Copying data
Disrupting the performance of computers or computer networks
Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2014 will detect and prevent Trojans on computers.

Kaspersky Mobile Security protects Android smartphones
What kind of Trojan Horses is designed to destroy anti viruses?
Spyware detection killers

They also destroy firewall programs designed to protect the user's computer
What can Trojan horses do?
a) Delete data
b) Copy data
c) Block data
d) All of the above
d) All of the above
How did Trojan Horse get its name?
From the Greeks invading Troy. The Greeks fooled the Trojans by giving them a huge wooden horse as a gift. The Greeks attacked the Trojans unexpectedly at night.
When were the first Trojan Horses discovered?
The were detected in the 1980's when they were discoved in some infected computers
What are they?
One of the earliest Trojan Horses was detected in the 1980's.

Some of the first Trojans Horses were even able to infect Windows32 files
One dangerous Trojan was called Vundo.
It used a lot of memory on the operating

It caused a lot of pop-ups that informed
the user some software programs that
needs to be installed in the computer.

The software programs included at least
one computer virus.
Today Trojan Horses are responsible for 83% of the total malware threats detected on the Web worldwide
The most active Trojans are the remote access Trojans. It allows the hacker to remotely control
the infected computer.

The hacker will be able to find any information
in the computer. Including passwords, credit
card info, and personal documents.
Destructive Trojans only have created for one purpose. Which is to destroy files once when the computer is infected.

It can delete any files on the computer. From Word
documents to boot files.
Software detection killers are Trojans that destroy anti viruses and firewall programs designed to secure the user's computer.

Once the antivirus software is disabled, the hacker is
free to do anything on the victim's computer
Another way to make sure you avoid them is to avoid
any attachment files ending in...
Most emails that have these endings are sure to be malicious
In 2009 in the Top 10 Malwares in the World, seven out of the ten were Trojan Horses.
How can Trojan Horses disguise itself?
It can disguise itself by an email attachment or downloading an infected file
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