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faith c

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Grease

Faith Chesnutt
The Exposition
the exposition is finding out that Danny is in the T-Birds and that him and Sandy had a summer romance.
Rising action
the rising action is when Sandy tells the pink ladies that her "summer love" was Danny. this is an example of dramatic irony. Also Danny finds out that Sandy never went back to Australia, and went to Rydell High.
Rizzo gets Danny and Sandy to see eachother after being clueless not knowing they went to the same school. Danny didnt want to be "soft" in front of the gang so ends up being a jerk. Sandy gets upset and then runs away. one of the pink ladies invites her to a sleepover to cheer her up. but Rizzo ends up making fun of her while she is crying in the bathroom.
Falling Action
the falling action of this movie is when Sandy finds a new guy to go "steady" with. Danny begins to get jealous and trys to be the sweet guy she met back at the beach.Then we soon find out that a guy from the T-Birds possibly got Rizzo pregnant! also a girl from the pink ladies drops out of school... for now.
This movie is very interesting. There are a lot of cliff hangers. All of the music in this movie is so catchy. over all this movie is very good and i recommend it. My personal favorite songs are "grease Lightnin' and Summer lovin'"
there isn't a theme to this movie at all really it is made for fun. to have people enjoy the cliff hangers, the music. over all this movie is very interesting to watch.
Types Of Irony/ Conflict
types of irony
A type of irony in this movie is dramatic irony which I brought up in the rising action bubble
Types of conflict
An example of conflict is when DAnny trys to figure out in his head if he should go after Sandy ( he shouldnt because he obviously loves her) or if he should stay one of the "cool guys"
the antagonist is Danny and Sandy, to "lovebirds"
the protagonist is Rizzo, she is so mean to sandy and a very bitter person
point of view
in this movie the point of view changes between a lot of characters. All of them either sing in their point of view or is just really awkward or sad.
Flashback / Foreshadowing
there is no flashbacks really, but the one example of foreshadowing is in the rising action slide
Summer Nights
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