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kinza shahwar

on 30 July 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

A closer glance at Xenel
Sheikh Ahmed Yousuf Zainal Alireza
As Saudi Gazette, points out, "A philanthropist known for supporting the poor and needy families, Sheikh Alireza was an affable and polite individual liked by everyone who knew him.”

He was a fervant supporter of education, carrying on in the footsteps of his uncle Mohammed Ali Zainal, who started the first and finest school in Jeddah. "Al-Falah School"
Sheikh Ahmed Yousuf Zainal Alireza was the Chairman of Haji Abdullah Alireza and Company.

His expertise, the emergence of a "united" Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the resultant opening of doors to Western trade in the 1930s, gave Company a growth that parallels the modern history of Saudi Arabia in its multi-faceted progression.

The charismatic brothers came together and weaved a "Tradition of Leadership"...
Xenel's main idea was conceived by Khalid Ahmed Alireza.
He aimed to develop an industry in the Kingdom and be a pioneer of it.

The name he always had in mind was:
Xenel Lisana’at (Xenel Industries).

Carbon Based Project Finance
Construction & Engineering
Information Technology
Real Estate
“The key to the Xenel Group’s survival is 'innovation, leadership and integrity.”

What Defines XENEL?

Xenel works nationally, regionally and internationally with trained team of creative entrepreneurs and deal makers.

It has been successful in partnering with 10 Fortune 500 companies in 30 countries.

Xenel has rightly become an independent Saudi based capital and private equity firm investing in world class businesses.

Xenel is best known for:
Xenel locates opportunities appropriate to their partners by:
Using extensive local knowledge of the KSA market and its drivers.
creating business and project development strategies for their partners

Xenel has extensive government access and knowledge - it has the right networks.

It has expertize in managing and minimizing risk for their partners in unknown territories.
Xenel takes initiatives, it possesses immaculate Leadership abilities.
Saudi Cable Company (SCC)
"To be a world class leader in providing innovative solution in Power, Telecommunication and Information Technology with reliable products and services."


"To be a multi-region market leader providing environmental acceptable quality solvents and chemicals and the services thereof, globally to various end users."

Arabian Services Group
Established in 2000 to form a support services structure for Saudi Services & Operation Company (SSOC), Al-Karam and Resources Sciences Arabia Ltd. (RSAL).

Arabian Services Group (ASG) is a leading group in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offering Full Solution Services Real Estate Studies, Design & Engineering development, Project Management, Operation & Maintenance ,Property Management and Catering solutions to clients in the Kingdom as well as the Middle East.

Xenel 's main areas of activity
The six Business Units
Hidada Ltd.
HIDADA was established in 1982 by the XENEL Group to support the Region’s ambition to be self sufficient in steel fabrication.

Since then, it has grown rapidly to become a leader in the engineering and fabrication of quality steel products striving to serve the global needs
Established in the 1975 as a Joint Venture between Xenel and a US based cable company.
Xenel has grown SCC to become one of the largest cable companies in the Middle East.

"To identify, promote, develop and invest in major industrial projects in the petrochemicals, mining, metals and energy sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by taking advantage of the Kingdom's natural resources vis-a-vis hydrocarbons and mineral deposits. "
Alujain Corporation was formally registered as a joint stock company towards the end of 1991 to identify, develop and invest in world-scale industrial projects in the energy intensive industries in KSA. 

Safra is a fully Saudi owned limited company, with a partial ownership of Xenel Industrial Ltd. Formed in the year 1986 and operating since 1989.

"To become a leading provider of value added property services."

NATPET as a company was set up in 1999. A $750 million propylene and polypropylene plant built in Yanbu, with Xenel and Alujain as leading developers.
"To be an exemplary “learning organization” manufacturing & marketing the finest grades of polymers."

"To be a global market leader mastering Engineering of Structures and Services providing innovative total solutions through strategic alliances and timely diversification into value added products."

Xenel's strong values play a vital role in its SUCCESS.
Xenel has now diversified itself into:
How did it begin?
In 1973 Xenel was officially set up and became a driving force in the development of Saudi Arabia.

This was the time with meager advancement in KSA and Xenel became an identity of Saudi entrepreneurship.
Despite numerous pressures from foreign and established firms in KSA, Xenel was determined to prove their hard work and commitment.
Xenel started off with a capital of 1 million SAR and now it stands at 50 million SAR, its one of the most versatile holding companies with their interests in almost all sectors.
Xenel's expertise has achieved various milestones, its commitment is clearly seen:
In 1986 Associate company SISCO set up Tusdeer, the first Bonded & Re-export Zone in Saudi Arabia at Jeddah Islamic Port.
In 1994 the first company in the Middle East to be awarded ISO 9001 certification for manufacturing and product design, was Saudi Cable Company.
Xenel's business units have been the recipient of prestigious awards:
Saudi Cable Company has been awarded King Abdul Aziz Al Saud Model Factory.
Safra Co. has been awarded King Fahd Award for Best Industry.
Natpet was bestowed with the King Khalid Award for Responsible Competitiveness in 2012.
Xenel will always be visionary, entrepreneurial and pioneering.

Consistently offer insight and foresight.

Adapt to and develop in an ever-changing world.

Focus on the customer and understand their needs.

Easy to get along with, responsive, flexible and committed.

Fair, even-handed, sympathetic and transparent.

Xenel is committed to the communities and the environment in which we live.
And the "Tradition of Leadership" grows stronger...
Thank You
It is a leading producer and distributor of Petrochemical solvents in the Middle East.
With the aid of International Power and the World Bank, Xenel developed the first privately owned green-field power plant in South Asia -HUBCO
Founded the first cable company in the Middle East -Saudi Cable Company.
Created the first bonded free-trade zone in Saudi Arabia -Red Sea Gateway Terminal (RSGT).
Developed the first private downstream petrochemical plant in Saudi Arabia -Safra.

Through its subsidiary Saudi Cable Company, Xenel restored electricity back to Kuwait City in two weeks during the time of Gulf War in 1992.
What the Employees say about Xenel?
"Xenel is like a family, it is a very honest organisation. There is no politics, there is no rubbing off people differently, or getting one guy against the other. Nobody plays these games because they know that these will not be acceptable by the family."
Mohammad Ashraf Tumbi- Chief Financial Officer
The atmosphere is so welcoming, you are greeted with smiles every morning. It surely acts as refresher and a motivator."
Shahad Almadani- A trainee at Xenel from Jordan
Respect for others, the best work ethics, values, teamwork and a focus to innovate keeps Xenel alive. Mohammad Adil Majid - TQM Natpet
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