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Popping With Warhol

No description

Matthew Grundler

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Popping With Warhol

What is POP ART?
A style of art repeated, with the use of everyday items or current celebrities.
Who started POP ART?
It was created by the Pittsburgh artist,
Andy Warhol.
As a child, Andy had a strange illness that,
made his skin color turn pale. So he spent a lot
of time resting, coloring and reading comic books.
Andy wasn't sure how to make his art different
from everyone else's. So a friend said that since
he liked money so much that he should
paint money.
That same friend also suggested
everyday items like soup cans.
At one point he had so many new jobs to do that he would ask his friends to come over to his house "The Factory" to help finish up. He was becoming the busiest and wealthiest illustrator in New York City.
Andy always asked people for ideas. He thought it was a normal part of creating things. He always made sure, though, that the way he showed those ideas was original and all his own.
You never know
who the next Andy Warhol might be.
What is Repetition?
Something that is used over many times.
Some facts about Andy
Andy's first job was drawing an advertisment for women's shoes
Now let's start making some ART!
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