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GameStop Presentation

For IST3333 Presentation

Jonathan James

on 19 December 2014

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Transcript of GameStop Presentation

Company Background
Retail Layout
Project Scope
Data Center Layout
Team Gamestop
Paul Leykamp
Jamie Darrington
Jonathan James
Chris Bucher
Founded in 1984 as Babbage's in Dallas, Texas
Through several mergers and acquisitions it now has grown from a small company to a multinational corporation, which employs 17,000 people
Includes GameInformer, SimplyMac, Kongregate, as well as many others
More than 6600 Stores Worldwide across 15 countries
Over $9 Billion in Revenue
Increasing of digital sales
2010 - $288 million
2013 - $724 million
IT budget of around $100 million
Financial Information
Sales Terminal, VOIP Phone, HD Monitors
Security Camera Office/store room and Sales Floor
Firewall added
CAT 6 Cable
Redundant Fiber Lines - AT&T Fiber
Change from Verizon, due to pre-existing partnerships
Multiple Routers for both Redundancy and division of network resources
Scope of this data center is only for store and online orders, not Gamestop's other ventures
3 POS machines
Office Computer
Security Cameras
WAN network provided by AT&T
Retail Store Network
Data Center Network
Database Servers
Web Servers
Backup Servers
Redundant Fiber to the Data Center
Provide reliability
Fiber speeds to handle load of stores
Network connection during peak periods
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