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Cole Birch

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Israel

By: Cole Birch

Flag of Israel

Flag's colors: Blue and White
Flag's design: 2 blue strips with Star of David in the middle
Star of David on their flag represents the countries religious beliefs.
The two strips represent the blue stripes on their prayer shawl. ("Israel National Symbols: The Israeli Flag.")
Reflection: I think that the flag is a good representation of their country. It represents the religion of their country. The Star of David in the middle shows their beliefs of Judaism. Also the two strips show that their prayer services mean a lot to them.
Judaism: 75.6% (67.1 Israel born; 22.6 European/America born)
Jewish people celebrate holidays such as Hanukah, Passover, and Yom Kippur. They pray in synagogues with hats called Yarmulkes.
Muslim: 16.9%
Muslim people celebrate holidays such as Ramadan, where they have fasting.
Christian 2%
Christian people celebrate holidays such as Christmas and Easter. ("Israel.")
Druze 1.7%
Other 3.8%
The name of the Israel currency is called New Shekel
1 Shekel= 0.286 U.S dollars
Inflation: 1.7%
Symbol for shekel:
("ILS - Israeli Shekel.")
Reflection: The currency of Israel is very important to their way of life as of every other country. I think the shekels represent their country well with important figures on their shekels.
Official languages: Hebrew, Arabic
They read left and right but their letters and their alphabet is different the English; they use symbols("Israel.")
Hebrew: Arabic:
Image by goodtextures: http://fav.me/d2he3r8
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The country of Israel has many different religions. The fact that they have many religions can cause controversy and violence. I think their country has too many countries and this causes way to much violence.
Hebrew is the more dominant language in Israel. I think that the relgions are closely related but there are still some difference. It is very different that english because they do not use the same alphabet.
Israel has a very technology based economy.
Major imports: Military equipment, oil, and grains.
Major exports: Cut diamonds, and high technology equipment
GDP: 252.8 billion; World rank: 51
GDP per Capita: 32,800
GDP Growth Rate: 3.1%
Labor: 82% services; 16% industry; 2% agriculture
6.9% unemployment rate; World rank 74("Central Intelligence Agency.")
Reflection: The country of Israel does not have a bad economy. They are also not one of the top countries . I think that they have a well balanced economy but there could be many improvement in it.
Their music is a combination of Jewish and non Jewish Traditions.
Their musicians have made major contributions to classical, jazz and pop rock genres.
Their music is mainly traditional music("Israel.")
National Anthem:
Reflection: I think the Israel music is very modern in some ways but also still has its traditional values too. They have a lot of pop music and yet a lot of classic music too.
Their art is like their music, mix of modern and traditional
Israeli art has been an offshoot of western art
Most art is unique to the Middle East, it is mostly European and American art.("Israel.")
Capital: Jerusalem
Independence: May 14, 1948
Government type: Parliamentary Democracy
Chief of State: Shimon Peres( July 15th 2007- present)
Head of Government: Binyamin Netanyahu( March 31st 2009- present)
Politics are dominated by Zionist parties.
They have a stable government with 2 major problems, the Palestinian conflict and the Arab conflict("Israel.")
I think the art there is very similar to the art in America and Europe. It is very modern with some traditional.
I think that Israeli artists are very talented with a very modern touch.
I think the government there is very steady. Their biggest problems are tir conflicts with other nations, such as the Palestinians. There relationships with foregin nations need to improve but they have resources.
Humus, falafel, goulash, or couscous are only some of the choices of ethnic cuisine that are available in Israel.
Food comes from various ethnic groups in the region.
The food in Israel is very cultural and many of their holidays consist of big feasts
They eat 3 meals, main meal is in the early afternoon, light breakfast and dinner
They eat bread and wine for many holidays
They have a chicken based diet ("Ethnic Food in Israel.")
I think the food there is very cultural and meals are important to them. Since their families don't always eat together, they save a sabbath day where they always eat together. This shows that a meal is important.
Family Life
Family is central is Israeli life
Depending on how religious the couple is, the number of kids vary, secular jews have about 2 kids when orthodox jews have about 4 to 7
Grand parents, aunts and uncles are involved in raising kids
Both husband and wife work in most families
Women are guaranteed equal rights, but many women are given shortened salary's
Most parents want kids and a respectable family ("Israel.")
The family life in Israel is very religious like a lot of their other customs. I think their families are a lot like American families, maybe a little larger. They have modernized households but yet they still celebrate religious importance's.
They wear western fashions
Shorts and sandals for the summers
Suits for important occasions
Very urban and modern clothing for everyday life
Religious holidays have very formal wear, suits, hats, dresses and scarfs.("Israel.")
I think the Israeli clothing is very modern for their location since many of the middle eastern countries wear head scarfs and do not wear clothes like the western parts of the world. They still wear their religious clothing for their religious times of the year.
History Timeline
After Independence

May 14th, 1948: Gain independence from the British
1948: Israel- Arab War, Israel won and signed peace agreement giving them just the Gaza Strip and West Bank
1960-1962: Found Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann in Buenos Aires, he was hung in Israel
1967: 6 Day War, resulted in Israel giving surrounding countries more land
1979: The peace treaty with Egypt was signed by the Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, the Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and U.S. President Jimmy Carter
1982:The First Lebanon War took place during which Israel invaded southern Lebanon due to the constant terror attacks on northern Israel by the Palestinian guerrilla organizations resident there. The war resulted in the expulsion of the PLO from Lebanon, and created an Israeli Security Zone in southern Lebanon.
2006: The Second Lebanon War took place, which began as a military operation in response to the abduction of two Israeli reserve soldiers by the Hezbollah, and gradually grew to a wider conflict
2007: Operation Orchard: Israeli Air Force destroyed a suspected nuclear reactor in the Deir ez-Zor region of Syria which was built with the assistance of North Korea
2011: Israeli embassy attack: About 3,000 Egyptian protesters stormed the Israeli embassy in Cairo
2011: Israel and Hamas begin a major prisoner swap in which the Israeli Army soldier Gilad Shalit, who had been held in captivity for five years, is released in exchange for 1,027 Palestinian and Israeli-Arab prisoners held in Israel, including 280 prisoners serving life sentences for planning and perpetrating terror attacks.
("Timeline of Israeli History.")
Israel and their surrounding countries have always had a conflict with each other over religion and land. The Israeli's have a history with lots of wars with their neighbors. I think all their conflicts comes from all the different religions in the region.
Urban: Low rise apartment buildings
More and more farmland is created into Urban areas due to high rates of immigration
Rural: Independent houses, simple, enough space to fit for a family
Exterior: Large windows, patio or balcony, cream or white colored, solar panel on rooftop
Interior: Lots of paintings and books, tiled floors,
1 TV, 1 computer, washer/dryer, simple living("Israel.")

Reflection: Their homes and lifestyle is very similar to ours in the US except it is more simple without all the luxuries we have. I think they live well without to many they don't need.
Israel Palestine Conflict
Israel Independence Day
On the coastal plain, humid summers, mild winters
The interior hills make for more comfortable summers and colder winters
Rain falls between November and May
Average temp in summer is 85 degrees F and 50 degrees F for the winter
The people adapt to the weather nicely because it nice temperatures
Reflection: The climate there is similar to the climate around the Washington D.C area. The people adapt well the reasonable temps.( "Israel.")
Size of New Jersey, does not included occupied areas of the Gaza Strip and West Bank
Geography features of the country include deserts, mountains, hills, fertile valleys and the Dead Sea
Israel lacks water sources, with deserts and mountains in the south part of Israel
65 national parks an 150 reservations
Wide range of animals, over 500 species of birds
Geographical map above("Israel.")
Reflection: Israel has many different types of features in their countries. I think that the different features give their country a way to be unique.
Topograph of Israel
and Geographical Map of Israel
Hands are used often in conversation and make discussions seem very lively. One of the most common gestures is to bring the thumb and fingertips together, palm facing up, and move the hand up and down; this means "wait a minute" or "hold on." Israelis signal for the check at a restaurant by "signing" in mid-air. One expresses exasperation by shrugging the shoulders, sometimes also holding open palms up and/or shaking the head. Respect for elders is extremely important. For instance, younger individuals may give up a bus seat to an older person, though this practice has become less common. (Culture Grams)
I don't think that their hand gestures are that much different then the US. I think that the singing the check in the air is a cool gesture. They are very respectable gestures.
Home phones: 3.594 million (44th in the world)
Cell phones: 9.225 million ( 84th)
State broadcasting network, in Arabic and Hebrew, 5 commercial channels, TV packages to get foreign channels
Internet Hosts: 2.483 million ( 36th)
Internet Users: 4.525 million ( 51st)("Central Intelligence Agency.")

Reflection: Again, their country is still modern. They are growing when it comes to technology. I think the people their do not use technology like the US, but they still rely on technology for their country.
Global Contributions
Israel's main contribution is in technology field. The cell phone was devolved in Israel by Motorola. Voice mail was devolved in Israel. Many more advances in technology has come from Israel that we don't use everyday but it really could be the future of our world
Their business is another big contribution. They have the highest ratio of degrees to population than any other country. They lead the number of scientists and technicians. ("Facts About Israel and Its Contributions to the World.")
I think that Israel has changed the world with their global contributions. The world would definitely be a different place if it wasn't for just the simply advancement of the cellphone. Israel is a very smart and educated country.
Rosh Hashanah: 2 day holiday, celebrates Jewish New Year, they eat, pray, and reflect on that year
Yom Kippur: Most widely celebrated holiday in Israel, they fast, pray and hope for good on the new year, 10 days after Rosh Hashanah
Sukkot: 10 days after Yom Kippur, for 7 days they stay in tents and be outdoors symbolizing the Israeli's escape from Egypt
Passover(Pesach): Week long holiday celebrating the Israeli's escape from Egypt, they have big meals and do activities as a family ("Israel.")
Since their whole country is basically jewish, their national holidays are basically all religious too. I think that they have a strong Jewish heritage because they have many holidays for their religion.
Population: 7,707,042
Pop. growth rate: 1.5%
Median age: 29.7
Life expectancy: 81.17
Literacy Rate: 97.1%("Central Intelligence Agency.")
Reflection: Israel is far from being a 3rd world country. They are very advanced in education and sanitation. I think the country is very similar to the US.
Adult Literacy: 97.1%
Mean years of schooling: 11.9
Begins at age 4 to 6, after that, it is the same as America, age 12 you begin junior high and graduate high school at age 18
They have public schools and private religious schools
Education is free, unless you attend a private school
They have school six days a week, Sunday through Friday, they start at 8am and end around 1pm.
They value school, schools are very structure. Parents decide where their homes will go depending what school is near by. ("Israel.")
Education is huge thing in Israel. They have a high literacy rate, and many contributions to technology. They have made many advancements in technology and part of that is from their great education system. Their education system is similar to the US.
Israel is a very active country. They enjoy their sports and recreation for their entertainment.
Soccer, basketball and volleyball are the most popular sports. Each major city has their own sports stadium.
For leisure, people often go to restaurants and bars, they also like to go camping and play card games.
For vacations, almost everyone likes to go to the beach and go hiking. ("Israel.")
Israel's interest in entertainment is almost perfectly similar to America's. they enjoy the same things we do except for that they do not watch a lot of TV. Israel's hobbies affect their culture because it determines what is built and what the country may spend their money on.
Current Issues
Israel vs. Palestine conflict: Jerusalem, a city in Israel is one of the main places being faught over because of its religious importance to the 2 people fighting. They both believe the holy land is theirs. Palestine has lost almost all the land that was once theirs and they are trying to regain it back. They are fighting with terrorism. They use bus bombers and snipers. There are soldiers roaming the streets, protecting civilians of bombs. Hamas is the man terrorist group for the Palestinians. The conflict has been going on since around the mid 19th century and is still going on today. This conflict is a huge issue to the people of Israel, and the US. The US has lost support from almost all of the middle eastern countries and they want their support back. In Israel the people are dying from bombings. Their have been peace plans and peace treaties signed but nothing has really worked. The efforts to stop this crisis are still in action. ("Israel.")
Bus bombings
Did you know?.. That Israel has more museums per capita than any other country.
Did you know?.. The dead sea in Israel is the lowest point on Earth at 1,315 feet below sea level.
Did you know?.. Most of Windows was devolved in Microsoft- Israel.
Did you know?.. Power Rangers was produced by Israeli Haim Saben.
Did you know?.. Israels cows produce more milk than another other country.
Did you know?.. Benjamin Netanyahu's office spent over 10,000 shekels on ice cream last year.
Did you know?.. The diet of animals at the zoo are changed during passover.
Did you know?.. Israel has developed a jellyfish repellent and squirrel repellent.("Facts About Israel and Its Contributions to the World." )
The Israel-Palestine is a huge problem for the whole world. It is a problem for the countries that receive oil from those parts, problem for the US because of their foreign relations, and a problem for Israel because there people are dying. I think if a proper peace plan was created we could save the world from a huge problem.
Israel is a country doing well for themselves. They prosper well and their people are well educated. They have one main problem and that is Palestine. They have many fun facts and are a country doing well.
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