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conference room

No description

Folien Knecht

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of conference room

Welcome to the Conference room Agenda:

1. Introduction
2. Arguments
3. Discussion
4. Conclusion Would you like to elaborate more on this topic?

Well, we have several issues at hand and would really like to have them discussed today. Some of them are:

1. The Budget
2. The Organizing Team
3. The Main Cost Drivers
4. Our next Company Skiing Trip First theme We also have coffee in the conference room.

Just help yourself. :)

You may also want to take one or two cookies from the tray if we design them later. But be careful, too many cookies, and you will gain weight.

Water is healthy. Time for some Water A conference room is the perfect setting to present your ideas.

You should come prepared, with tea and cookies.

Be advised that the emergency exists are at the rear of the cabin. Conclusion This meeting is about a building a conference room template for Prezi.

Every attendant can say something
We will evaluate each option
The design allows for a lively discussion
Several topics will be discussed Pointers Research has shown... that presenting with prezi gives you a unique experience in space and time.

The audience is captivated by the images and the imagination that is set free by entering a conference room for the meeting. Virtually and of course in real life too. Research Please make notes as you go along. Note:
You can write down more ideas here. Thank You 4 Watching!
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