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Key to


Angie de Sousa

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Key to

XXXX Protects
Great ideas?
Family ??
Advisor Workshops - 25th & 26th February 2014
Key Focus Areas:
The Focus...
We Must be Different.
New Technology
New Ways of working
Rich Data
Care about our Custom
Be profitable
Customer Contact
Initial Customer Contact
Make Appointment
Lead Generation
Corporate Relationships
Orphan Leads
Lead Generation
Self Generation
Corporate Relationships
Internal Leads
Orphan Leads
Integration with internal Direct POS so that data can be handed off without further data input required.
The data must be searchable by advisor,
displaying advisor contact details if that
lead is being acted on
A central storage system is required to hold all the data
Advisor Logs on and is able to see a map of his area with all data displayed.
Ability to understand that a lead is already being acted on.
Building Blocks on Existing User Stories
Self Generated
Dependancies for CARDI:
Target community areas (Child Franchise, Sports Centres, Community Centres etc), have been identified and information is available -Propositions Workstream
What is the technology needed to display the map information - IT Workstream
Self Generated Leads
Corporate Account Leads -
The ability to update the Advisors national map to show events that are happening.
Multiple access layers in Virtual Forum to control access to content - ie Local, Regional, National.
A process is needed to define a uniformed approach from BSD to cascade 'deal' information.
DPA Regulations to cover Forum Content
Mobile notifications to advise Advisors of new Virtual Forum Postings.
Ability to access forums from mobile devices?
The ability to communicate in a Virtual Forum
Dependancies for CARDI
Clarify technical equiptment that will be available to Advisors - IT Workstream
Internal Leads - Requirements
Data should be input into the diary by whoever takes the lead to book an appointment
Customer confirmation message by their chosen contact media.
Advisor will have an external face to the customer (Webpage?
Define the external face to
the customer - Propositions
Dependancies for CARDI
Internal Lead Requirements
Internal leads
Orphan Leads
No Requirements - TBD
Corporate Accounts Lead
Mail Drop
Social Media
Face 2 Face
Key Data to Capture:
Contact Numb
Preference for contact]
email address
Date of Birth
Future appoint
ment location
Notes Field
Support Materials Requirements
Marketing Support Materials - (Propositions WS dependancy)
Process defined to understand how the support material gets to the advisor and how they order it.
All materials available electronically.

IT Hardware Requirements:
Hands-free connectivity to the phone
Connectivity to 3g/4g signal
Require guidelines for
Advisor Social Media Interactions
Make an Appointment - Requirements:
Disclosure for Advisors about our products.
Rules of engagement to be defined.
Central diary system (with supporting hardware as defined)
Terms of reference about locations for meeting
Method of contacting customer for reminders (txt, email, phonecall)

Method to record cancelled calls and why.
Fact Find & Recommendations
Post Sales & Relationships
1st Appointment raises...
Lots of Questions?????
Interactive Journeys?
Record conversations?
Offline Data Capture?
Kiddie Packs?
Quotes & Recommendations
Offline Quote Function?
Supporting Process for Offline Quotes?
Likelyhood of 2nd Appointments?
Requoting with no connectivity?
Application and Underwriting Requirements:
Capturing electronic signatures on tablets.
A process to upload ID certification photos to customer record.
A process to carry out ID certification remotely.
Customer to complete underwriting questionaire on tablet.
Guidelines for customer on underwriting questions sent prior to meeting.
A single questionaire should be completed for multiple products.
Quote and Apply system will have prepopulated data ready for electronic signatures.
Guidelines on 'Next Steps' for Advisor
What level of questions do we want the customer to complete?
A witness for a trustee may not be present - need outcome of trustee simplification process to understand our process.
Do we pre-populate a trustee form or manually complete? (Print vs costs/ease to use)
What proportion of DD customers need verification?
Fact Find Requirements
All methods of data capture should be compliant
Introduction & Disclosure available for email/on portal & linked to customer record.
All data to be fed into Direct for 'Big Data'
All materials are marketing approved.
All soft/hard facts to be captured.
TOR needed to cover sensitive information needed for out of house venues.
Sync to central datastore if fact find carried out offline when connectivity is achieved.
Guidelines for recording customer conversations.
Post Sales Processes
Suitability Report must look exactly as it did when presented to the customer in same format.
Paperless environment should be used where possible.
Customer 'Hub' to retrieve any paperless documents as required.

Guidelines for NB team to explain what goes in a final documents pack for the customer.
Prepaid envelopes to send the packs in.
Pre-paid envelopes added to Advisor Support pack.
How do we pass leads to other departments?
Processes to pass physical documents into the new business department? (Trust and paper applications)
QA Validation with customers - what do we want to happen?
Referrals and Tracking
Advisor updated with progress of their applications (txt, email or diary alert.

Contact customer on Policy Accepted, Loading, documents issued, declined, outstanding underwriting issues (using customer preferred contact method).

Email/text to Advisor with customer name and policy number so they can contact the customer.
On Going Contact/Relationships
Mutual agreement for contact.

A Customer request for contact about a specific area.
Grow Old Together?
The purpose of contact?
Annual email/text to customer?
What do we mean?
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