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Primus company

Company presentation

Jozef Vnenk

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Primus company

History Structure Employees Figures Product range Virtual Tour References Quality Standards Marketing 1912 - Foundation of the company Primus
1970 - Focus on Commercial Laundry Equipment
1991 - New Production Facilities in Czech Republic
1993 - Start up R&D dept. in Czech Republic
1998 - Purchase of production facility Tatra Příbor
68 000 m2 total area of which 12 500 m2 production halls
and 1 200 m2 offices
2001 - Building of new assembly hall (5 500 m2 )
2002 - Purchase of neighbouring building (3 000 m2)
2004 -Building of new storage hall (3 000 m2)
2008 -New production hall (5 000 m2)
Primus Group Primus France Primus Belgium Primus CE Primus Belgium 45 employees

Primus France 13 employees

Primus CE 550 employees

Prague office 4 employees 1998 - Production Area 12.000 sq.m.
Number of Employees 280
2001 - Production Area 18.000 sq.m.
Number of Employees 340
2004 - Production Area 24.000 sq.m.
Number of Employees 400
2008 - Production Area 29.000 sq.m.
Number of Employees 520
PW, C and P Range - Professional washers & dryers
RS Range - Rigid mounted, normal spin washer-extractors
FS Range - Freestanding, high spin washer-extractors
MB Range - Freestanding, high spin, medical barrier washer extracotrs

T Range - Industrial Tumble Dryers
D Range - Industrial Dryers

I 25-30 Range - Professional Chest heated Flatwork Ironers
I, IR, IF 35-50 Range - Industrial Cylinder heated Flatwork Ironers
IFF Range - Industrial Flatwork ironers with Feeding, Length and Cross
Folding, Stacking
ICLC 37, 50, 60, 80 Range - Chest Heated Industrial Ironers
ICL 60, 80 Range - Chest Heated Industrial Ironers
ICL 90, 120, 160 Range - Chest Heated Industrial Ironers

Professional dryers
Commercial dryers Professional ironers
Commercial Ironers Professional washer extractors
Commercial washer extractors
Medical barrier washer extractors Primus production facilities Extended Quality Control
ISO 9001:2001

Extended number of approvals

Long life span 10-15 years Global presence


Commercial laundries




Nursing homes

etc... Commercial laundry SIL, Columbia; Commercial laundry Puscho, Hungary FlipperWash Bratislava, Slovakia; Wassalon Jeli Belgium Hospital Heyres, France; Hospital Kromeriz, Czech Republic Radisson SAS Sycecin, Poland; Hotel Hermitage Kempinski, Bulgaria Nursing home Ostrava, Czech Republic; Nursing home Sulicka, Prague New Visual Style
Environmental aspects Trademarks - patents and innovations E-News
information for distributors
Visit us @ www.primuslaundry.com language versions:
German Ahoj
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