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Woody Allen

No description

Samuel Emmett

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Woody Allen

Woody Allen Focus Films Midnight in Paris Manhattan Take the money and run Setting Woody Allen has always had a love affair with New York, the film Manhattan has been described as a love letter to New York. This is possibly because he was born in New York and had lived there his whole life also it was the place he was introduced to film. Where as Woody Allen's 'take the money and run' has no strong location, possible due to the stronger focus on the slap stick comedy that was very prominent in his early career as the story for his films did not involve as much in depth character development, and relationship's between characters. The film was filmed in San Francisco, as it was a good to give the illusion that it was shot in many different places in America. This opening scene of Manhattan is a great example of Woody Allen's love for his city. This is also seen in Midnight in Paris, this demonstrating how he has moved from Manhattan to explore Europe. As through the majority of his career New York was his choise of setting. Restaurants Monuments Cultural sites Difference in buildings He has lately moved from new york focusing on Europe this can be seen in some of his latest works:
1. To Rome with love
2. Midnight in Paris
3. Vicky Cristina Barcelona

He also points out in the title which city the film will be based in this is clear for the three films above, and the film Manhattan. Example of the similarity in his early work and latest work also the move from new york to paris. And how he uses the city as more of a backdrop than an environment. Similar actors/actresses Engagement in Jewish culture Romance Performance/acting style Self-narration, Self-explanation Reoccurring Themes Child life His Character Humor Span of work -Manhattan
-Annie hall -Midnight in Paris
-Vicky Cristina Barcelona
-To Rome with love
-Match point -Whats new pussycat
-Take the money and run
-Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex but Were Afraid to Ask
-Sleeper This theme is referred too in almost all of Woody Allen's films. This constant referral to his younger life may be due to his very early experiences with film, due too allot of his memories being at the cinema around the corner from his house, in which he spent a large amount of his childhood at. Also as a child, he never saw much point in doing anything, as he was often bogged down by the realism of life and used film as an escapism, stepping in and out of depression, issues such as fear, death and space, overthrew him and resulted in his lack of drive for a large amount of time in his childhood. Furthermore in Annie hall there is a scene in which Woody Allen is put in his 'old classroom' and relives a memory, this is the last example of how his childhood is used in his films as this memory is based on his first encounters of romance All of Woody Allens films involve humor this is due to his career being based as a comic, films like Take the money and run, whats up tiger Lilly?, And Bananas, which are his early works, focus on humor, especially slapstick, however I feel that these films don't credit him as an auteur much as his later works as I believe he really comes into his element when making Annie hall and Manhattan, as the humor in these films is very subtle and mainly one liners, "Don't knock masturbation its sex with someone I love". Which is more of what he did in the beginning of his career as he sent jokes to newspapers and magazines, furthermore his stand up was based on one liners, so it gives these films more of a flow as it is more natural to him rather than what seems to be forced slapstick comedy. He makes it clear too audiences that he is not just about slap stick humor and that he is capable of maintaining a structured story unlike take the money and run which to me is a mesh of comic sequences. Manhattan Rome/Venice London Paris Every film woody Allen has a very distinctive acting style, he always portrays an innocent, timid man this could be due to his physical features. As he is a small man, with glasses that often uses humor as an escape. The move from comedy The slapstick comedy Location move and the drop of Woody Acting in his own films. Manhattan Midnight in Paris Take the money and run Woody Allen's acting in general, links to his Jewish culture. In Manhattan and Midnight in Pairs this is shown through his innocence and lack of drive as he plays up too the Jewish stereotype. although it is used differently in his films in 'Take the money and run' he outright mocks his Jewish upbringing as his 'parents' in the film are shown in the picture in the top right and his disguises, as he is a criminal in the film is shown on the bottom left. Usually two or more romances in each film. Manhattan he is originally with the young girl then Dianne Keaton then he wants the young girl back when it dose not work out with the other woman. In his films he dose show himself as a fickle man. 1996 He moved the setting of his films from Manhattan and set allot of his films in Europe. Music and art ART MUSIC 2011 1979 1969 *To Rome with love
*Everyone says I love you (Venice) Midnight in Paris *Scoop
*Match Point
*Cassandra's Dream
*You will meet a tall dark stranger Barcelona *Vicky Cristina Barcelona "This suits the material of the surrounding movie perfectly — it’s about being in love with Paris, so it makes sense that the cinematography is in love too." Woody took large influence from Groucho Marx, and his acting style could be viewed as a slight imitation of Groucho, through the use of fast paced one- liners. They also have a similar physical appearance which could further explain how he is very self- conscious. *He has written 70 screenplays and got 14 screenplay nominations.
*Directed 48 films.
*Acted in 44 titles.
*Only produced his first film. Life TIME achievements Item 5 Item 5 Item 6 Art is always referred to in Woody Allen movies. It can be seen in Manhattan, shows images of the Guggenheim and can also be seen in midnight in Paris as they visit the Lovre, one of Paris's most famous destinations, and the Auguste Rodin. Music has always played a big role in Woody Allen's life, "I would have preferred to be a musician". He also plays gigs around New York with his band in which he plays clarinet. This makes it clear why music it carefully chosen in his films and why live music is always shown frequently in his films. 1969 2012 1977 Item 2 Item 1 key stages in his career, and films which demonstrate these big changes through his career. Auteur A film director who influences their films so much that they rank as their Author. 1960s from French literally 'author'. "The talent for being happy is appreciating and liking what you have, instead of what you don't have." Woody Allen These films were made at the very beginning of his career. After the making of 'what's new pussycat' Woody Allen decided to direct and write his own films showing is commitment as an auteur from a very early stage in his career, this was due to the fact that he hated the divorce of ownership in the creation of the film as he felt it ruined the overall film. These films show his initial ideas in film. These films, which were made in the middle of his career, reflect the move from slapstick comedy to the focus on relationships. These films also show more realistic scenarios than those in his early films. The latest Woody Allen films are shot outside of the USA, don't have Woody Allen starring in them and focus on topics that are similar to those that are in the films that were created early in his career. Summary Woody Allen has the traits of a true auteur having held every key job in the creation of a film. It is clear that allot has changed over time in Woody Allen's films, this can be seen in the change of location, the greater variation of actresses and actors used in his films and the fact that he dose not act in own films anymore. However, similarities in his films such as humor, the reference to his child hood and Jewish culture, the idea of romance and the way in which his films are shot. These similarities, are traits that are unlikely to change in his career, this showing how components in Woody Allen films have changed and haven't making his role as an auteur exciting to follow.

Thank you for listening.
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