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Tiny Torch

Quick Start for Jamberry Consultants -by Linda Lee

on 19 June 2014

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Transcript of Tiny Torch

Tiny Torch
Create Your Own
Save an Image
To save an image from your PC, hold down your 'CTRL' key and click on the image. This will open an new window with JUST the image. You can now right click and select 'Save picture as...'
Book Mark
Follow a User
You may follow a user if they have content you find useful.
You can find Jamberry content through 1. the 'Search' field

This works different on a mobile device. You usually can hold down on the image and receive the option to 'Save'
Find Jamberry Content
Use the provided link to go to the special page just for Jamberry users

When you reach the bottom of the screen, you can navigate to different pages in the feed
Create a Post using existing content
Post Your Content
On your Dashboard click Resources -> Marketing -> Tiny Torch Quick Start PDF
Create a New Account
Once you've created an account, this will be your Welcome screen
Once you login you will be directed to the Jamberry Content Feed.
Or 2. Jamberry Content Pages
< All Jamberry Users (This is where you are automatically directed after you sign in)

< Jamberry Head Office Content
If you have found content you would like to share, click on the 'Edit & Share' button
Edit the Post
You can edit the text and/or the image to your preferences.
The pencil icon allows you to make actual edit to the photo using a Photo Editor.
The camera icon allows you to change the photo by deleting it and uploading a different one.
The X icon deletes the photo from the post
Once you are satisfied with your post, you will need to connect with your social networks. You can post to Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Click on each network and follow the authorization steps.
If there is a green check next to the social network, then it has been authorized.
Authorize Social Networks
Schedule your Post
You may schedule your Content to post immediately by choosing 'Post Now' or you can schedule it in Advance and have it added to your Queue by choosing a future date and time.
Be sure you choose the right Time Zone!
Choose where you want to post!
You can select multiple parties/pages at once.
Click on Create Post. Fill out all fields and upload your image.
If you'd like to save your content AND go straight to posting to pages, click the check box
Found a post but not ready to share it? You can book mark it for later!
At the bottom of every post has the User's ID. Click on the User ID.
Top Tool Bar
My Content
Create Post
Schedule Posts
All Content
That User's Profile will be presented. Click 'Follow' to add the person to your 'following' list
Click the 'Conversation Bubble' Icon
You will be directed to a new window. You can choose an existing bookmark folder or create a new one
You can only post one picture. If you need multiple pictures displayed, you will need to create a collage or post multiple times separately for each picture.
presented to you by your Jamsister, Linda Lee!
This is your dashboard
Following and followers

Content you have created
View and Edit all of your scheduled posts
Create your own Custom post

Displays anything and everything on Tiny Torch
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