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Top 25 Legend of Zelda Characters (minus Link)


Katherine Aldrich

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Top 25 Legend of Zelda Characters (minus Link)

Top 25 Legend of Zelda Characters by Katherine Aldrich #4: Twinrova Twinrova is actually two people:
TWinrova Kotake and Twinrova Koume. They serve as surrogate mothers for Ganondorf (the main antagonist of the Legend of Zelda series). They can combine into one person, which is why they are usually referred to as one person: Twinrova. #1: Ghirahim #13: Tingle Tingle was first seen in Majora's Mask.
He's kind of creepy but at the same time really
funny. Tingle is obsessed with forest fairies and
therefore dresses like one. He helps the hero,
Link, explore the world of Termina by selling him
maps to the different regions. Tingle is seen in
other games as well, and several spinoff games
were made with Tingle as the main character. Ingo is the unappreciated ranch hand at Lon Lon
Ranch. Although he isn't really integral in the Legend of Zelda storyline, he himself has his own story if you look close enough, proving the detail that Nintendo puts into their games. When Link is a child in Ocarina of Time, Ingo swears that one day Talon, the owner of the ranch, will appreciate him. Seven years later, Ganondorf takes over and gives Ingo control over Lon Lon Ranch. Ingo rules using fear and kicks Talon out of the ranch, keeping Talon's daughter hostage. However, Ingo is secretly scared of Ganondorf, because he knows that if the ranch isn't productive, he will be punished. Later, after Link takes Epona from Ingo, Ingo realizes how horrible he's been and becomes the humble, grateful-to-be-working ranch hand again. #16: Fi Fi is Link's companion in Skyward Sword, and in actuality is the spirit of Link's sword. She resides inside the sword until she is needed or she has valuable information for Link. She's about as useful as Navi is, but toward the end of the game she has a transformation of sorts. At the beginning, she has no feelings or emotions. Serving as Link's helper is her job, nothing more. However, toward the end of the game, she begins to actually feel friendship and happiness. example: From pepitogrillo_1435@gmail.net To pepitagrilla@hotmail.es message I will meet you on holidays #5: Linebeck #8: Ganondorf Linebeck was a character from Phantom Hour. He's the swashbuckling hero to everyone who's heard of him, but really, he starts out quite cowardly. However, he progresses as the game goes on to be a trustworthy person who doesn't always care about getting treasure. Seen in the newest game, Skyward
Sword, Ghirahim is known as the Demon
Lord and serves the Demon King Demise. He serves as a counterpart to Fi and therefore is the spirit of Demise's sword. Having anger management problems, Ghirahim constantly switches back and forth from being calm, cool and collected to "sick with anger," as he himself states. Intelligent, conniving, and slightly insane, he has all the requirements for the perfect villian. #2: Midna Midna was seen in the game Twilight Princess. She's an implike creature from the Twilight Realm who in actuality is an imprisoned princess. Quirky and chaotic in the beginning, Midna transforms from a morally questionable character to a powerful and trustworthy friend. #9: Sheik A supposed member of the Skeikah tribe,
Sheik is actually the princess Zelda in
hiding. In Ocarina of Time, Zelda was
raised, and later when Ganondorf came
to power, brought into hiding by Impa.
Sheik later aids Link in the game by
using her harp to teach him songs
on his ocarina. #12: Malon In Ocarina of Time, Malon lives at Lon Lon Ranch with her father, Talon. They tend to the horses and the chickens together. Malon loves horses; in particular, a horse named Epona. Later, Link develops an affinity with Epona and Malon teaches him Epona's song, which is the only way to tame Epona later in the game. #11: Ingo The main antagonist of the Legend of Zelda franchise, Ganondorf is the first man to be born in one hundred years in his desert-living tribe, the Gerudos. Twinrova, who served as his two surrogate mothers, raised him and named him King of Gerudo Valley. He became selfish and wanted to rule over all of Hyrule, and thus sought the legendary Triforce. When he took over, the lands were thrown into ruin and Kakariko Village became the only known safe haven. #7: Impa Throughout the games, Impa has
been the one responsible for taking
care of Zelda until Zelda realizes who
she really is. In some games she is a
sage, and in some games she in the
reincarnation of the Goddess Hylia
herself, but no matter what, tough,
no-nonsense Impa of the Sheikah
tribe has always been there to
keep Zelda safe. #15: Zelda Zelda is the princess in the game, every game. The entire point of the Legend of Zelda franchise is to have Link save the princess by solving puzzles and defeating enemies. After all, what's a hero without a damsel in distress? #14: Tetra Seen in Wind Waker, Phantom Hour, and
making a cameo in Spirit Tracks, Tetra is
the female captain of a pirate ship. Tetra is
the "toughest girl pirate you'll ever see,"
as she herself states. Ironically, she is
actually the princess Zelda herself,
although she never knew it and was raised
as a pirate. After her real self is revealed,
she is captured twice in Wind Waker and
Phantom Hour respectively and Link has
to save her. Later, however, she discovers a
new world, in which Spirit Tracks takes place. #17: Navi Navi is known as the cutest, most
annoying character in the entire series. She
serves as Link's helper and companion
throughout the games. Navi is seen in Ocarina
of Time, but is seen or mentioned in other
games as well. Another similiar character
named Ciela appears in Phantom Hour. Also,
a fairy named Tatl appears in The Wind Waker. #3: Byrne Byrne is evil; there is no denying that. However, Byrne has his own story as well. In Spirit Tracks, he was born as one of the most powerful beings in the game: a sage. He became an apprentice to Anjean, the sage who
resides at the Tower of
Spirits. However, he
wanted more power
than the sages gave
him and betrayed them.
Later, he joined the
Chancellor in
attempting to
resurrect Malladus. #19: Kaepora Gaebora This stereotypically wise owl is seen in Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, and Four Swords Adventures. In Ocarina of Time, he is actually a sage. However, there are some discrepancies as to whether he is a great sage from a past Zelda game reincarnated, or the Sage of Light himself watching over Link and guiding him on his adventures. #18: Marin In Link's Awakening, Link finds himself shipwrecked on a beach. Marin is the one who saves him from drowning while unconscious and takes him into her and her father's home to recuperate. She can entrance animals with song, and wishes she were a seagull so she could fly far away and sing for others, bringing happiness to the world. #20: Zant Seen in Twilight Princess, Zant is the minion of
Ganondorf. He proclaims himself as the King of Twilight,
although Midna says he's actually the King of Shadow. In
fact, he was next in line for the throne to begin with, but he
was skipped over and Midna was chosen instead. At this point, Ganondorf (who had already been imprisoned in the Twilight Realm
by the Sages) appeared to him, posing as a god. He used Zant's
hatred and bitterness to entice Zant to join him in his eternal battle against Link. #23: Bellum #21: Vaati Vaati is seen in Four Swords, Four Swords
Adventures, and The Minish Cap. While
originally human-like, Vaati is seen mostly
as a large, black figure with a single eye. He
used to be a member of the Picori, a race
of tiny people, before he was corrupted
by mankind and used the Wishing Cap to
transform himself into a great sorcerer. #10: Saria Saria is seen in Ocarina of Time and makes a small appearence in other games. She is Link's best friend when he lives in the Kokiri village, but can sense there is something different about Link. Later, she turns out to be the sage of the forest, which is bittersweet because although she is now an all-powerful being, she can no longer spend time with Link because she is a spirit. #25: Old Man In the very first Zelda game, this nameless man is the one to give Link his sword. He appears several times later in the game, in different rooms of the dungeons and at secret locations. Some players thought him annoying at times, and at one point found that you can actually attack him. However, if you hit the old man, blue fireballs shoot at you constantly from magical torches on either side of the room. The only way to stop the fireballs from shooting at and damaging you is to leave the room. The main antagonist of Phantom
Hour, Bellum feeds off of the life force
of other beings. Bellum is capable of
possessing others and sucking so
much of their life force away that all
that is left is a shell of their bodies. He
created the Phantom Guardians, which
patrol the Ocean King's temple and are
virtually impossible to destroy. #6: Groose In Skyward Sword, Groose is Link's rival.
He bullies Link all the time but is
secretly just jealous of the bond that Link
and Zelda share. When Ghirahim causes Zelda
to fall from Skyloft (which is the floating island
they all live on), Link goes to find her, but so does
Groose. Throughout the course of the game, Groose
becomes nicer and more compassionate towards others.
In fact, he and Link actually become good friends. As a
tablet in Spirit Tracks states, "it was as if a door had
been opened." The Deku Tree and his son both appear in
Ocarina of Time, and his son appears in The
Wind Waker. In both games, the Tree watches
over the forest. He aids Link in the first parts
of both games and has great power that is
waning because of age or disease. In both
games, the Deku Tree is a wise being and a
legendary spirit. #22: Great Deku Tree #24: King Daphnes Nohansen In The Wind Waker, King Daphnes Nohansen is the last King of Hyrule. Throughout the game, the King appears to Link as a talking boat to help him on his journeys. At the end of the game, Ganondorf actually obtains the entire Triforce. However, before he has the chance to make a wish, the King of Hyrule steps in and wishes for all of Hyrule to be washed away in a great flood in the hopes that it would destroy Ganondorf in the process. Note: This video wasn't meant to be watched, just listened to as you see the rest of the Prezi. Click back at the beginning of the video (or just click play if you're the first person to see this) then click the next arrow without watching the entire thing. Make sure the music's still playing when you click off of it, but after that the music should continue to play.
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