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Sparks of Humanity

No description

Anabel Fdez

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of Sparks of Humanity

Sparks of Humanity
The Declaration of Human Rights
There are 30 articles in the Declaration of Human Rights. How many can you think of?

Here are some ways you can start your sentences:

An individual has the right to…
Is the World Failing onHuman Rights?
"In an annual report, the group (Amnesty International) says people are still being tortured or ill-treated in at least 81 countries.
In at least 54 states they face unfair trial and cannot speak freely in at least 77 nations, the group adds.
It says world leaders should apologise for 60 years of human rights failures since the UN adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.
The group also challenges them "to re-commit themselves to deliver concrete improvements".
The article is from
World Failing on Human Rights
Story from BBC NEWS:
Published: 2008/05/28 05:02:46 GMT

Taking Action
Talk with a partner and discuss the following questions.
Can you think of moments in history when people had to
stand for their rights
What were they protesting against?
How did they protest?
Civil Rights Movement
Listen to the story of how Martin Luther King began the civil rights movement in the USA.
Listen and answer the questions below.
Read the simplified version of the Declaration of Human Rights.
Are your articles on the list?

protests and demonstrations
to take to the streets (= to demonstrate along with others)
to voice one's anger
To hold placards and banners with written slogans
What sparked Martin Luther King’s civil rights movement?
What did Rosa Parks do on the bus?
What were racial separation laws?
What did he urge people to do?
How long did the boycott last?
What was the outcome? What did they achieve?Where there similar protests in the USA?
What was the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom?

Watch the motion graphic video about Rosa Parks
In pairs, take it in turns to recreate the conversation between Rosa Parks and the bus driver.

As you listen to the song, work with a partner and think of statement that expresses your concerns and wishes realted to the human rights issue.
I think (...) should be banned
It isn't right/fair that...
(...) should be made compulsory
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