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Tom Grondalski

on 18 July 2013

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Transcript of KeyVive

Who We Are

KeyVive Health is a medical technology integration company that empowers Diabetes patients to live a healthier life by utilizing proprietary, easy-to-use, everyday technologies to include mobile devices.

KeyVive serves Diabetes patients supporting better health and offering better health outcomes.
Financial Tables
Mission Statement
KeyVive's mission is to help Diabetes patients succeed in a healthy life, powerfully and in control through communication and knowledge.
Vision Statement
The KeyVive team specializes in the development and marketing of websites that offer eCommerce programs and subscription-based lifestyle well-being programs. We focus on building scalable, web-based content delivery systems that provide exceptional customer experiences.
Keys To Success
Strategic Service Provider Relationships
KeyVive maintains professional working relationships with leading companies in the information technology space serving the needs of Life Science companies.

As such, these suppliers are distinctly aware of FDA regulations and provide validated, secure platforms when it comes to the security of patient information - e.g., HIPPA regulations and adherence to Federal guidelines like 21CFR Part 11.

KeyVive offers a
first-to-market turnkey solution
for Diabetes patients, healthcare providers, and industry suppliers in the digital connected economy.

KeyVive has the foundation in place - live websites today,
generating revenue now
- supporting better health with better health outcomes.

The market is large with no barriers to entry.
The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)
allows significant monies per patient for Diabetes support and management - an attractive inducement for KeyVive B2B partners.

There is a very
strong financial upside
for capital investors representing a >5X turn on the financing for those seeking a quick exit.
Market Segmentation
Patients / Consumers
Healthcare Providers
Managed Care Organizations
Big-box retailers with walk-in clinics
Pharma companies in the Diabetes marketplace
Affiliate network companies
US domestic
International by region of-the-world
Competition Edge
My Creative Place will have a good corporate identity and promise quantity and well service for its clients.
On time delivers
are the vital points for the printed campaigns because they are usually based on special days and must be served on time. My Creative Place is assertive advertising agency about this.
MCP will offer the price for each 48 pages 4+4 brochure $0.045
Strengths &Weaknesses
Opportunities & Threats
-New, dynamic and strives to success
-The company will not be huge and have big expenses
-Lower cost than the others
-Same service, more quality, affordable prices
-Being an Istanbul gives advantage
-Great experienced and quality staff
-Visiting clients' regularly
-Strong competitors with their long-term agreements
-Large companies have their marketing department and they are considered as competitors
- A new company in the sector might encounter challenges from the beginning
-Small and business companies do not know the importance advertisements and they can scarcely afford it even for simple jobs
-To reduce the cost of printing and paper costs are the main opportunities for My Creative Place -To have successful graphic design employees and art director is the other opportunities
-My Creative Place’s the other opportunity is to find the small and medium size companies
-Aggressive competition is always a threat for the companies
-competitors will try to catch their old clients
Cloud Platform and Framework
KeyVive chooses among competing opportunities for communication vehicles to set overall goals for the digital economy.
Management summary
Owner of the company will be the manager while the assistant manager controls employees and their work internally. Following personal will be creative group, customers’ relationship and strategic planning. There will be three different departments under the creative group, which are: Graphic Designer, Art Director and Web Designer.
Financial Highlighhts By Year
Thank You . . .
A Digital Healthcare Company
The Problem and Awareness
Market Size and Opportunity
100 million people affected in U.S.
600,000 new cases each month
Over 7.2 million people diagnosed annually
Disease related costs expected to surpass $500 billion by 2020
Medically based, lifestyle intervention programs eligible for insurance reimbursement under the Affordable Healthcare Act beginning in 2014
The Diabetes Prevention Program Study
Promulgated by the CDC (Center for Disease Control)
Lifestyle changes are most effective treatment
58% reduction in Type 2 Diabetes
Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) mandates insurance coverage for Diabetes Prevention Programs
Implementing the Tactics / Taking Advantage of the Assets
Live Web Sites
Launched Last Year
Generating Revenue
Our Approach
Diabetes Patient Involvement on Day 1
Physical Activity
Engage the Right Professional Support Team
Eat Right
Use the Right Supplies
Path to Revenue
Increase traffic and measurable conversions
Increase brand awareness and profile
Growth in sales
Brand loyalty
Overview - KeyVive's Digital Connectivity
24 hours of video are uploaded every minute
Took only 2 years to reach 500,000,000 users
50,000,000 tweets sent per day!
has 75,000,000 registered users
15,000,000 articles on Wikipedia
Over 9,000,000 hits
Their sales have increased 5 times
Going viral
If it were a country...
It would be the third largest in the world
That's 640 tweets per second !
The World of Social Media
1,000,000,000 iPod applications were downloaded in 9 months
With social media taking up 66% of time spent online
It is now more popular than personal email
Creating stakeholder engagement in ethical Diabetes healthcare
We know what's not working anymore
Everything's going digital
Pay Per Click
Digital PR
Email & SMS
Social Media
Building Community
Integrated and optimized
Digital Assets
Gaining Audience
Giving them what they want
Generating ROI
also Forums, Blogs and Desktop apps
10,000 Visitors
100% visitors
Converting Diabetes Patients
Total site visitors
Visit/think about purchasing
Need reinforcement on purchase
Make a Purchase
One Time Customers Requiring Continuous Reconnection
Financial Perspective
Behind the KeyVive Websites sits a proprietary tool
Diabetes Health Risk Assessment Tool
Currently a work-in-progress
Think in 3 dimensions
This is KeyVive's B2B strategic initiative
David Greenholtz
Chief Executive Officer
1776 Park Ave., #4-508
Park City, UT 84060
(435) 275-4555
Secure $2 million in second round capital financing
Invest in technology architecture
Hire strategic personnel to manage and direct operations - 5 to 8 people in management, business development, technology
Obtain new and larger office space to accommodate KeyVive operations for the next 3 years
Construct the B2B platform. Secure revenue from the identified market channels.
The KeyVive Nutrients
with a
StarBurst Opportunity
Breakthrough Prospect
Shedding a New Light
Structured Plan
with a
Financial Capital
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