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Blood Red Road

Nikki January 8th, 2013 Mrs. Longo 8-2

Mikki Orbon

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Blood Red Road

Author: Moira Young Week 4 Blood Red Road How did you feel about this novel?
Would you recommend it to someone else? The setting of this novel is in the future and varies from a wide range of different places, but are all in a desert. The desert setting is important because without it, most of the trouble Saba goes through would not have happened and she would also not come across the people that would end up helping her. Setting Saba Onomatopoeia: Figurative Language While I was reading the novel, I was swept away with a rainbow
of emotions ranging from joy to disgust. The book was narrated in frayed English full of phonetic spelling and other quirks.
I felt more connected to the main character that way. I highly recommended this book to anyone who is a fan of the Hunger Games series. Both series had a strong heroine that was not your average boy-crazy character. What was the best part of this novel? Why? Being the hopeless romantic I am, my favorite
part of this novel was when Jack and Saba confessed
their love for each other. In the beginning, Saba felt all alone with her parents dead and her brother kidnapped. The desert help set the mood because just like Saba, the desert was empty and deserted. Characters Physical Characteristics
black hair
brown eyes
"scrawny" and "ugly" Personality Traits
standoffish Lugh Physical Characteristics
blond hair
blue eyes
strong and "beautiful" Personality Traits
loving and kind
brave "Crack!The darkness splits open with a bright flash an' a slam boom." Similes: "I move silent as a cat.." Plot What is the plot? Tell what the conflict or goal is and how the character is trying to solve or achieve it. Saba's goal is to find her brother who was kidnapped by the Tonton (sort of like warriors) and stop the King from sacrificing Lugh. To achieve this goal, Saba heads to Hopetown where her brother may be. Theme The message of Blood Red Road is to never give up. During her journey, Saba was faced with many obstacles that knocked her down. She was captured by a ruthless couple, put in a cage and forced to fight and battle huge worm-like creatures. Despite all her troubles, she never gave up.
The theme was explicit because she said that no matter what, she would find Lugh. Love is also another theme. In the beginning of the book, Saba hated her nine-year old sister, whom she blamed for her their mother's death. Throughout the events in the book, her feelings for her sister change and Saba learned to love her. The theme was implicit because Saba did not talk about loving or caring for her sister. Her actions are what proved her love for Emmi. Five cloaked horsemen take Saba's twin brother, Lugh, and kill her father. Saba and her little sister, Emmi, leave Silverlake and go to their aunt, Mercy's, house. Disobeying her orders, Emmi follows Saba on her quest to find Lugh. They come across a couple headed to Hopetown (their same destination) and ask for a ride. Things take a turn for the worst when the couple drug Saba and Emmi and separate them. While Emmi is forced into slavery, Saba has to fight in the Colesseum in a deadly game of survival. In the prison where the fighters are kept, Saba meets Helena who later on tells her that her brother is a sacifice to the king and it will take place in Black Mountain. Saba and Emmi escape with an all female "tribe" known as the Free Hawks and a boy named Jack. They head to Black Mountain and are almost killed by gigantic worm-like beasts. They won the battle against the Sun King and save Lugh. Emmi, Lugh, and Saba are reunited!
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