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E.Y Pressure Vessels

No description

Elvin Yusibov

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of E.Y Pressure Vessels

Pressure Vessels We all live in a large pressure vessel, the “big blue marble”. Vessels exceeded maximum temperature for MAWP
Improper or malfunctioning gauges Improper operation, maintenance, repair, retrofitting; Delayed or no replacement http://www.nrt.org/production/NRT/NRTWeb.nsf/AllAttachmentsByTitle/A-105rupture/$File/rupture.pdf?OpenElement Steel hatch cover blown 35 feet Reference: http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/face/stateface/nj/08nj003.html 2001 Michigan Incident http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/face/stateface/mi/01mi038.html Severed base of waste oil tank Ruptured tank moved off highway Consensus Standards for Engineering Controls ASME – American Society of Mechanical Engineers
PD5500 or BS 5500 - Published Document
EN 13445 - Unfired Pressure Vessels
API – American Petroleum Institute
NBIC – National Board Inspection Code
NBBI – National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors
ANSI – American National Standards Institute
ASTM – American Society for Testing and Materials
ASNT – American Society of Non-Destructive Testing
AWS – American Welding Society
Boiler & Pressure Vessel Codes Power Boilers: Sec. I & VII
Heating Boilers: Sec. IV & VI
Nondestructive Examination: Sec V
Pressure Vessels: Sec. VIII
Nuclear Reactor Vessels: Sec. III & XI
Transport Trucks: Sec. XII
Materials: Sec. II ferrous/nonferrous metals/alloys
Fiberglass, Reinforced Plastic: Sec. X
Welding and Brazing: Sec. IX American Petroleum Institute Problems Elvin Yusibov
Graduate Mechanical Engineer Physics Health and
Safety Engineering Standards Properties
V= π(r^2)h
A = 2πr^2 + 2πrh
V = (4/3)π(r^3)
A = 4π(r^2)
P = Force /Area Atmospheric
Pressure 101kPa = 1 atm 14.7 psi http://hotimagesearch.com/sea-level-barometric-pressure Goals for my presentation: “Generally, a pressure vessel is a storage tank or vessel that has been designed to operate at pressures above 15 p.s.i.g.” What does open or closed type storage tank or vessel mean? Open or Closed? Thick or thin? Pressure Vessel: a storage tank or vessel operates at pressures above 15 p.s.i.g. Questions? Injuries and Defects (One Killed, Eight Injured) Shrapnel injured 8 workers Worker Killed Pressurizing Waste Oil Storage Tank 500 gallon(1892.71 liter) waste oil storage tank. (ASME Design, Design, Fabrication and Certification) Standards and Codes (Service Operation, Maintenance and Inspection) http://www.api.org/Certification-Programs/Individual-Certification-Program-ICP/Specific-info/~/media/F94CD93AADC64C4ABC794FA548C12C28.ashx [N (kg*m*s^-2)]/[m^2] ~ Circular Cylinder Sphere Pressure Demo http://phet.colorado.edu/en/simulation/gas-properties Introduction Pressure Vessels - Introduction
Engineering Standards
Pressure Vessel Design
Pressure Vessel Problems
Injuries and Defects
Health and Safety Be able to define and recognize pressure vessels and pressure vessel design Examine what went wrong during case histories Know where to go for more information, regulatory compliance and specialists Thanks
for your attention!!! Hot Water Boiler Exposition Example NB-23: Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspection (Part 1: Installation; Part 2: Inspection; Part 3: Repair and Alteration) Petroleum and Chemical Process Industry Pressure Vessels
API 510: Pressure vessel inspection
(API recommended Practices: RP571, RP572, RP576, RP577)
API 620: Design/Fabrication of welded tanks British Standard (PD5500 or BS 5500) PD5500 or BS 5500: Unfired Fusion Welded Pressure Vessels (PD 5500:2009 & Updated version PD 5500:2012) http://shop.bsigroup.com/upload/Sector/Manufacturing/PD5500_2012_updatebrochure.pdf SAFETY MESSAGE Emptied by injecting with compressed
air. Tank ruptured, propelled 500 feet(152.4 meter) Worker killed; hit by base of burst tank. Tank not ASME/NBIC or PD5500 approved pressure vessel. http://www.osha.gov/dts/osta/otm/otm_iv/otm_iv_3.html We have evolved adapting to atmospheric pressure 14.7 psig. 22 January 2013 How much is that? Pressure Vessel Definition: What does thick or thin storage tank or vessel mean? ~ Pre-Code, old, cast iron, cracked, leaking, corroded, damaged, bulging vessels Vessels overpressurized above MAWP (Maximum Allowable Working Pressure) or maximum test pressure Vessels exposed to extreme heat, fire Inappropriate uses Inadequate safeguards for hazardous materials; no leak/spill contingency plan Failing valves, gaskets, relief devices ASME non-conforming (no ASME-stamped symbol, no vessel specifications & limitations) Not PD5500/API/NBIC shop/field-certified (alternative approval for vessels if not ASME-stamped) Infrequent or no code-required inspection & testing (or non-code inspection & testing) 2008 New Jersey Explosion steel hatch with lugs Old pressure vessel leaked. Casting molten aluminum 3 workers replaced bad O-Ring, over-pressurized vessel. Heard "hiss", increased pressure 112 psi to force gasket in place. Killed worker stood by hatch to locate leak. Vessel exploded Hatch blown 35 feet(10.668 meter) National Board Inspection Code (NBIC) Boiler & Pressure Vessel Codes Design Pressure P = 12 bar,
Inside Diameter D = 4500 mm,
Allowable Stress S = 136 MPa=1360 bar,
Joint efficiency E = 0.8,
Corrosion Allowance=3mm
Thickness t = ? Shapes of Pressure Vessel FCP Drawing is 27mm Our Calculation is 26.38 mm So this is acceptable Open cylinder and piston
Closed tank Thick- t/r>1/10- cylinders, tanks, gun barrels
Thin t/r<1/10- boilers, pipes Full thickness = thickness+corrosion allowance=23.38+3=26.38mm Pressure Vessel Design Give me a smile :) Before go out My name is Rango
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