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No description

Farah Jeudy

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of REVOLUTION 19

By: Gregg Rosenblum

The action takes place in the Forest, the City, Lexi's house, and the Colony.
Nick: older than Kevin and Cass; he was blinded in the left eye when he was a toddler because a robot hit a rock in his eye.

Kevin: the second oldest; he likes technology and inventions.

Cass: the youngest of the three siblings; she is athletic, and an artist.

Lexi: a girl who lives in the City and helps Nick, Kevin, and Cass find their parents and get out of the city.

Farryn: a boy who uses technology and helps Lexi out.

Amanda: a girl who isn't so sure about helping Nick, Kevin, and Cass out -- but in the end, she does.
The parents of Nick, Kevin, and Cass were taken to the City and the siblings have got to get them back and try to stop the robots.
In helping others, you sometimes find yourself.
Falling Action
The parents have to stay behind while Nick and his friends must leave before the robots reactivate.
Rising Action
The colony the three children lived in was destroyed and their parents are misssing.
Nick deactivates the robots, but Amanda dies...can the children still save their parents?
"Where are our parents?"
Squirrels rustle in the bushes.
Rising Action:
"The robots took them into the City, I know it."
"It's my fault Amanda died."
Falling Action:
"They'll find us. Go and protect yourselves."
Farah Jeudy
Period 7
Mrs. Germani
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slides : )
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