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Along For the Ride:

No description

Alix&Hallie Young&Wickham

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Along For the Ride:

Sarah Dessen Along For the Ride Auden's Life Auden's parents used to fight all the time so
she started to stay up because they wouldn't fight
in front of her.

Both parents are into literature and are both authors. Their work life was interfering with their marriage, so they got a divorce.

Because of this and her mother's literature parties late at night Auden grew into a habit of staying up all night. She would go to a 24-hour restaurant and study. She was very smart but ripped out of a childhood.

Sometimes she felt that her brother Hollis stole her
childhood because while he was off traipsing around
Europe she was forced to stay and be the
good/smart child. Not getting to have any
friends or childhood. Auden's Father's
Life Auden goes to visit her Dad, new step-mother, and new sister over
the summer, at their beach house, 2 hours away. She is prepared for
tons of pink and energy but her
father never helps her
step-mother with the baby and
she is on the verge of a
breakdown. At first Auden isn't very girly and doesn't have a whole lot of friends
but when she gets a job at her step-
mother's business she meets Maggie, Esther, and Leah.

During her nights awake she
meets Eli. Auden's Social
Life Auden and Eli Eli doesn't sleep at night either.
He usually keeps to himself but when
Auden comes to town he starts to talk to

Auden finds out that he was a driver of a horrible crash that killed his best friend, Abe.
They were on their way home after a BMX
competition. After the wreck, Eli quit riding.

He wants to help her get her childhood and
she wants to help him start riding a bike
again. Laundromat Bowling Club Food Fight Prom After Auden confides in Eli that the 24 hour
restaurant in Colby isn't very friendly, he shows
her the washroom.

An older man, Clyde, owns the washroom, the private coffee/pie shop, the bike shop, and about 4 other businesses. It is really friendly and has the best pie ever. Eli and Aden start to make regular stops here. Auden is 18 and has never bowled in her
life. When Eli finds this out, he takes her
to the Ten Pin a couple towns over one night.

Auden hates bowling and just wants to give up after the 1st frame. At first she throws the ball into a completely different lane but after a few
instructions and some practice, by the end of
the second game she had managed to have
a couple good frames. Eli kept throwing spares
and strikes, which didn't encourage her very much. Because of Auden's social life, or
lack there of, she has never had a
food fight.

Eli shows up at the hot-dog party and
Adam, a friend says,"When they rent a
bike they don't want to think about dying
in some accident." Which is exactly what
happened to Abe, Eli's best friend. To fill the awkwardness Auden grabs a
handful of beans and throws
them at Eli. This starts a
full-on food fight. Eli tells Auden that going to a club is
definitely on the list of things to do as a
teen. Not even drinking at the club or
anything, just being there and maybe even dancing. But if the club is a bad club, you get extra points.

When Eli and Auden get to the club,
the bouncer wouldn't let them in until Eli
told him about Auden's quest he lets them
in for 5 min. max. When Auden confides in Heidi that she was stood up for
prom, Heidi takes it upon herself to make the beach bash theme

Auden wants to go to the "prom"with Maggie, Esther, Leah but when her
old prom date that stood her up comes to town for a meeting and sees her there, he asks her to go to prom with him, again. She says yes.

Auden finds out that her date can't go again. She decides to ask Eli, since their fight Eli decided to ride his bike that one more time in a competition because he's always wanted to get first and that is what Abe would've wanted, he says no. Auden decides to just stay home, not knowing why Eli said no. Frustrated she buys a bike and leaves the bike shop, so as not to make things awkward when Adam asks if she needs something.

Auden's mom suddenly appears at the beach house and tells Auden to go to the prom. Auden picks out a dress from Heidi's closet and takes the bike to town. When she sees Eli's jeep she realizes that she is about to hit a curb,
letting all her frustration and training from the last couple of days
build up, she jumps it. Eli sees her and after congratulating her on
finishing her bike lessons and learning to ride, helps her finish
her quest by asking her to prom and explaining why he had
said no earlier.He told her that the competition had
gotten over early and he had gotten first place. THE END
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