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Reducing Water Pollution

By Ashwini Prabhu, Period 5

Ash P

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Reducing Water Pollution

What is Water Pollution? Causes of Water Pollution Reducing Water Pollution By Ashwini Prabhu, Period 5 Contamination of rivers, lakes, streams, and other bodies of water
When dangerous chemicals (Physical or biological) appear in the water quality, making unsafe to use Heavy metals from industrial processes
Industrial waste
Microbial pollutants from sewage
Organic matter and nutrients
Sulfate particles from acid rain
Suspended particles
Harmful algal blooms
Increases the impact of air pollution Introduction Water Pollution Industrial Waste
Sulfur Dioxide Emissions
Lead and Mercury
Nitrates and Phosphates
Sewage and Waste Water
Septic Tanks
Ocean and Marine Dumping
Oil Pollution
Underground Storage
Tube Leakages
Atmospheric deposition Clean Water? Causes of Water Pollution
*Fake Picture Effects of Water Pollution Diseases
Disruptions of food chains
Death of aquatic animals
Destruction of ecosystems
Mercury level risks
Health effects of toxic runoff
Swimming in/drinking contaminated water causes skin rashes, cancer, stomach sickness in humans.
Oil spills in the water
Causes flooding
Bio magnification
Atmospheric deposition Causes of Water Pollution Effects of Water Pollution This chart shows results of water pollution. Different places contaminate with different things. HELP!! How does Water Pollution Affect our Environment? Environmental Issues.... Simple ways that commit to Water Pollution When it rains
Fertilizer from lawns
Oil from driveways
Paint & Solvent Residues
Pet waste Possibly Fake Picture........ TA-DA!! Is ANYONE There? Conserve Water
Be Cautious about what you throw away
Use environmentally household products
Don't overuse pesticides/fertilizers
Grow more plants/greenery
Don't litter!!

These are ways some people are helping, but we need something big! Something to solve all possible water pollution! One Major Problem=One Major Solution One of main causes are oil spills
Oil spills are severe problem for marine life
Almost always accidents
Better to prevent all accidents
Big solution is........ The Blowout Preventer! (BOP) Blowout is "An uncontrolled flow of gas, oil, or other formation fluids into atmosphere/another zone"
Cuts off pump pressure in case of an accident
Increases hull strength on oil tankers
Helps protect environment and oil companies BOP Try, try, again...... No human is to blame for failure of BOP
Reason it failed is the "blind shear ram"
"Blind shear ram" failed because encountered unfamiliar sitaution
Another reason failed- off-center drill pipe & dead battery If Only...... If it had system in place that monitered power
If new version has such improvements, it will work
Need to build new & improved machine -prevent future oil spills New BOP - Improved Shear Ram Final Product - Next Step is to build it Will it Ever Go Away Completely? Never Completely
If everyone respects environment, then no water pollution
One deed changes the lives of millions around the world
Help those in need by doing your part!
Conserve water
Use organic fertilizers and aviod pesticide when gardening
Grow and encourage nature in your community Almost Completey Whatever you do, keep in mind that the environment is counting on you! GO GREEN!!! Thanks!! Thank you to everyone for listening to my presentation! Hopefully this has encouraged you to stand up for YOUR water and do what you can to help. Remember, one tiny step can lead to a big difference! Sources April 17th - http://www.nrdc.org/water/pollution/gsteps.asp
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Water Pollution Cycle.....
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