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Inventions of the 1920s

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on 11 February 2016

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Transcript of Inventions of the 1920s

Inventions of The 1920s
By: Gabe Gleason
The first Band-Aid was invented in 1920 by Earle Dickson (a Johnson & Johnson employee) and Thomas Anderson. It was invented for Earle's wife Josephine, who frequently cut and burned herself while cooking, to allow her to dress her wounds without assistance.
First Television
The first television was invented in 1927 by Philo Farnsworth, Charles Francis Jenkins. The entire TV was about 24 inches wide and long and 30 inches high with a screen not much bigger than a modern smart phone screen. The first broadcast came later that year and the first transatlantic broadcast came in 1928
First Liquid Fueled Rocket
The first liquid fueled rocket was invented in 1926 by American professor Dr. Robert H. Goddard. It used liquid oxygen and gasoline as propellent.
First inductor compass
The Inductor compass is a compass the uses earths magnetic fields to process directions. It was invented in 1924 by Morris Titterington and gave pilots at the time a much more reliable way to find direction
Wrist watch
The first self winding wrist watch was invented in 1923 by John Hardwood. Before this all wrist watches would have to be manually wound using a small key ever 24-30 hours.
The bulldozer was invented in 1923 by farmer James Cummings and draftsman J. Earl McLeod.
Instant Camera
The instant camera was invented in 1923 by Samuel Shlafrock.
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