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Hooters Wing Sauce

Hooters Wing Sauces Evaluation

Samantha Sloan

on 23 November 2012

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Transcript of Hooters Wing Sauce

By Samantha Sloan Hooters Wing Sauces Bentley (911) This barbeque based sauce is very yummy and has
a thick consistency so for those who love a spicy barbeque sauce, Bentley is their calling. Parmesan Garlic This sauce is a perfect pair of very compatible
spices, parmesan and garlic. It is this sauce that
is juicy, wet and just a dash of garlic. It especially
goes well with boneless wings. Spicy Garlic Like parmesan garlic, this sauce has a medium thickness consistency and the best thing about it is the only difference is that Spicy Garlic has a little "kick" to it.
Not too spicy not too bland. 3 Mile Island 3 Mile is the most appealing spicy spicy sauce
This sauce has a thin consistency so it spreads
easily and it is also used in Hooters world famous
Spicy Ranch. So if it isn't on wings it is also used
for a dipping sauce. Daytona Beach This is also a barbeque based sauce but
it is always high in demand. This unique
sauce can only be found at Hooters. It is a
sweet and spicy barbeque that quenches all
cravings. Triple XXX This intimidating sauce sells itself by the name
people with a taste for spicy flavors would enjoy and get this sauce over and over again. However the heat is hard to handle. Lemon Pepper One of the few dry rubs
at Hooters and it is by
far the most popular of the few.
Although this spice can be found at other wing restaurants
it goes great with naked wings. Chipotle Honey The name of this sauce sells itself. This bittersweet
combination is a balance that people search for
in their meals. This sauce has a thick consistency
and is more on the sweet side with a hint of chipotle. Medium This sauce is a butter based
sauce, it has a medium thickness
consistency and complements all of
Hooters fried food. Even the kids like it! Hot Sauce Hooters Original Hot sauce is the number one sauce that brought
Hooters to step into the lime-light
This sauce has a thin consistency and is just about
right on the spicy scale. Customers everywhere
including the employees crave this specific
flavor on a regular!
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