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No description

Mr Duke!

on 1 November 2016

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Transcript of MUSIX,s

Harsh music ran through my ears
as i woke up in a world unfamiliar I defiantly wasn't tired any more fear ran through my heart as a shadow came to the tent but i held my head high anyway.
Now that was the day my life changed

and my journey begun
Night struck as the moonlight hit me though the glass
filled with boredom I lay on my soft pillow as the clock as the clock struck thirteen wait... Thirteen! no such number exist on a clock mystery flood though my vains as i was sucked into a world of my imagination.
Hello and well come to musix

I'll get to the point I
want you to save all musix

If you don't you'll have
to stay here forever but
if you do you may go home
and be rewarded.

I'll meet you at the town center good bye.
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