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Writing an Artist Statement

Presentation on artists' statements and why they are important.

Erin Bruns

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Writing an Artist Statement

Artist Statement
How to write it...
What is it?
Why is it important?
Artists' statements benefit the artist and the viewers by offering a deeper understanding of the artist, medium and influence of the artwork.
Your artist statement is about facts, a basic introduction to your art; it's NOT instructions on what to experience, what to think, how to feel, how to act, or where to stand
People who come into contact with your art and want to know more will have questions. When you're there, they ask you and you answer. When you're not there, your artist statement answers for you. An artist statement also helps you define your art for yourself.
1. Brainstorm on questions as if you were interviewing yourself.
- Why do you make your art?
- What does your art signify?
- How do you make your art?
- What is it made out of?
- What does your art mean to you?
How to write it...
2. Write in language anyone can understand.
How to write it...
3. Don't overload readers with details.
How to write it...
4. The statement is about you...so personalize it.
- Write the statement from the first person...I statements.
- Make it conversational.
How to write it...
5. Allow the reader to agree or disagree...this is not persuasive.
How to write it...
6. Avoid third party opinions and don't compare yourself to other artists.
How to write it...
7. Don't instruct the viewer on how to see, feel, behave, respond or otherwise relate to your artwork.
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