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Albert Einstein

This is a presentation about Albert Einstein's life, work and theories.

Will Wrench

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein
Einstein's Life
Einstein's Theories
Albert was born
in Ulm, Germany
on the 14th
March 1879
He was born to
Hermann Einstein
and Pauline
Einstein, who
were Jewish
Later in his life, Einstein
married a swiss lady named
Mileva, where they had a
boy, and a girl. The baby
girl, however, was given up
for adoption.
One year later he
and his family
moved to Munich
where his sister,
Maria was born
When Einstein was only
five years old, his father
showed him a pocket compass
and he was fascinated
by the thought that
something unseen was
moving the needle
In 1905 Albert created his
most well known theory which
was the Theory of
Relativity. He applied
his theory to mass and
energy and formulates the
famous equation e=mc2.
In 1888 Albert attended a
High School in Munich but in 1894,
due to financial reasons, the
Einstein family had to move
to Pavia, Italy. Albert was
then leftin Munich to finish
his studies but soon decided
to follow the family to Italy.

In 1910, Albert and Mileva's
second son, Eduard, was
born. But in 1914 they
got divorced, where then
Einstein marries his cousin
Elsa in 1919.

From 1922 to 1933
Einstein won the Nobel
Prize in Physics,
and leaves Germany to
emigrate to the U.S.A.
as of WW2,
On the 18th April
Albert Einstein died
in Princeton Hospital
at the age of 76.
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