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Flex Day - Spring 2016

Flex Day, Gathering, etc

Jose Garcia

on 19 February 2016

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Transcript of Flex Day - Spring 2016

New developments
State Budget for 2016-17
Common Assessment and Multiple Measures Assessment Project

Upcoming in Instruction
Canvas, Workforce/CTE and ACCEL
Construction and other facilities

Construction and Facilities Update
Professional development

Marketing and Outreach
Multiple Measures Pilot Project
Common Assessment Initiative (CAI)
Enrollment's Five Key Indicators
Keys to Success
Piloting a model for placement that utilizes high school GPA and grades in most recent high school math and/or English courses.

Established the MMAP Team; studied the data, established measures and research plan and implemented in spring, 2015.
Student Success Act of 2012
– aimed at improving educational outcomes for students in the California Community Colleges.
– a new assessment for ESL, math and English to be used statewide.
Implementation will begin fall 2016 – 2018.
to be phased out in fall, 2016.
–Assessment Task Force to begin in spring, 2016 to develop common cut scores.
Validated multiple measures will be included in the CAI.
Strong programs

Faculty leadership

Effective marketing

Flex Day Spring 2016: State of the College

Marketing Milestones
State Budget for 2016-17
Governor’s preliminary budget proposal released last week

Outlook for next year is good

Some of the funding priorities (so far):
Increased access for students ($114M proposed ~ 50,000 students)
Workforce/CTE ($248M increase proposed)
Basic Skills ($30M increase proposed)
Innovation ($25M grant program proposed)

A significant portion of the governor’s proposed budget increases are for categorical programs
Bus Ads
Commercials in English and Spanish
Print Advertising
Spectrum and Climate Magazines
San Mateo Daily Journal
Redwood City Chamber guide
North Fair Oaks Festival Program and more
Web/Social Media Campaign
Face-to-Face meeting and presentations throughout the community
Various Marketing Materials circulated throughout our service area
Evaluation of the MMAP
Analyzed the # of students placed and enrolled in college level English/math in 2015 with the # of students placed and enrolled in college level English/math in 2014.

Will compare college level English/math course success rates between Compass and MMAP for Fall 2015

English Faculty: Yolanda Valenzuela, David Clay, Susan Gangel, and Kim Huynh
Math Faculty: Denise Hum
Assessment Coordinator: Jeanne Stalker
Researcher: Tracy Huang
Deans: Janet Stringer, David Johnson, and Chialin Hsieh
Interim VPSS: Kim Lopez
Cañada MMAP Team Members:
MMAP Next Steps
Share the MMAP outcomes broadly and collect feedback to refine strategies—Fall 2015/Spring 2016

Continue pilot in Spring 2016 using the same implementation logistics

Evaluate course success rates of fall cohorts, and revisit placement rule sets if needed—Spring 2016

Study student feedback on placement and enrollment patterns—Spring 2016
Upcoming in Instruction
OEI Rubric, Canvas, and instructional design

CTE and Workforce Development


STEM and Jams Expanding

ACCEL -- adult education and collaborations
Construction Update
Facilities Report
Building 01 Main Entrance
Professional Development
Professional Development
Marketing and Outreach
MMAP Outcomes
English 100 Course Outcomes by Grade Distribution
Disclaimer – This is a DRAFT schedule. It will change.
Initial Cañada Construction Projects Schedule
Building 01 Render
Building 23 Site Location
Academic Senate
ACES Planning Group
Administrative Planning Council
Classified Senate
College Council
Communities of Practice Advisory
Distance Education Advisory Committee (DEAC)
Instructional Planning Council
Planning and Budget Council
Student Services Planning Council
Launched campus wide mid-September
In 4 months….
88 active users
1,886 videos viewed
32 courses completed
Popular courses include:
Time management fundamentals
Social media in the classroom
Balancing work and life

MMAP Outcomes
Math Course Success by Course Number
Professional Development
Institutionalizing College Professional Development

Secured one-time funds to ‘seed’ our college program

Revitalizing college PD website

Develop a college-wide PD plan
Professional Development
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