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Father of Skateboarding: Larry Stevenson

No description

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Father of Skateboarding: Larry Stevenson

Father of Skateboarding: Larry Stevenson
The early life...
Richard Lawrence Stevenson was born December 22 1930 in Santa Monica, California.
Larry's parents were his mother Inez Kiem and his father Leonard Stevenson.
he served 2 years as a fighter mechanic in the Korean war After finishing as a Venice high school graduate.
prior work experience
Before he became known as the father of skateboarding, he became a Venice beach life Guard for the city of LA.
this eventually led him into innovating the skateboard because he notice that kids were skating wooden planks with roller blade wheels attached to them.
well known contributions
while watching these kids he notice how quickly they would lose control because there was no weight control.
This initially moved him to improve the design of the board.
therefore he added a tail to the back of the the board known as the kick tail.
also created the firt ever urethane wheels.
evolution of skating
He attended Venice high school.
After his service he attended school at SMC where he majored in business and was on the swim team.
Improvement- The Kick tail aloud weight distribution control and the urethane wheels created a smoother ride. These additions were official in 1969 in Santa Monica.
Extra skate Vids
work cited
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