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Io (moon of Jupiter)

No description

Cole Sauder

on 15 June 2010

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Transcript of Io (moon of Jupiter)

Io Io Io Io Io Io Io Io Io Io Io Io Io Io Io Jupiter Jupiter Jupiter Jupiter Jupiter Io Location and Size Io's mother planet, Jupiter is the
fifth planet from the sun Io is the closest Gallilean
moon to Jupiter Io's mother planet is an average
of 778 000 000km or 5.2 AU from
the Sun Jupiter is 588 000 000km
or 3.9AU from Earth Io is 3630km in diameter Io's diameter is 9123km less than Earth's Io has 1/6 the gravity of Earth Mythology and Naming Io was a priestess of Jupiter when
Jupiter took an interest in her.
Jupiter's wife became jelous and
tried to kill Io so Jupiter protected
her by turning her into a cow. Io was named when the shape of a cow hoof
print was seen on the surface of the moon Atmosphere Io has a thin atmosphere composed mostly of
sulfur dioxide and smaller amounts of sulfur monoxide There are often large amounts of volcanic materials in the
atmosphere of Io due to active volcanoes on the surface of the moon Io against Jupiter Surface The surface of Io contains materials
such as iron, sulfur, salt, and oxygen The temperature of Io is between -183 and -143 degrees celcius, with certain volcanic hot spots as high as 14 degrees celcius The magnesoshpere of Jupiter is so strong that it lifts material from the surface of Io
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