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Teach social media literacy

A workshop about social media literacy

Ellen Kiel

on 18 April 2014

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Transcript of Teach social media literacy

School of design and communication

The minimum age for most social media accounts is:

a) no minimum age
b) 10
c) 13

Connect without borders
Who uses
Share information
Work together
Gather Information
Which countries were the top 3 of social media coverage in 2012?

a) The Netherlands, UK, Sweden
b) Spain, Poland, Hungary
c) Germany, France, Luxembourg
Put in the right order, according to number of users:

a) instagram, google+, pinterest, twitter
b) facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest
c) twitter, pinterest, facebook, google+
Social media literacy
Eveline Blasius
Ellen Kiel
Part-time Students @
Hogeschool van Amsterdam
(Amsterdam university of applied sciences)
20 minutes
Share your ideas
Thank You!!
Find us:
@ellendidthis, @SoMeguide
How to use (several) social media platforms.
How to support teachers in teaching Social Media litteracy.
Do they know?
A hoax is a true story gone viral
The Harlem Shake, Grumpy cat and 'go home, you're drunk' pics are examples of memes.
Is this a:
A Hoax
B Meme
C Viral
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