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Bridget O'Gorman

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of ITALY

Many Italian families do most of their shopping at the local supermarket.
Along with these, there are corner shops, fruit and vegetable vendors, bakeries and small town butchers.
How do Italians get their food?
Italian Fruit Salad
-Many Italians get their daily fruit serving by eating a fruit salad. Gardens are popular in Italy, so Italians grow fresh fruit that are commonly sold at corner markets.
The fruit salad contains the following ingredients: crushed pineapple, canned mandarin oranges, sugar, eggs, salt, flour, cornstarch, lemon juice, cherries and cool whip.

Italians get their vegetables by making and eating different soups.
savory sweet potato soup
white bean soup
lamb stew
wedding soup
Pasta is a popular grain in Italy. It is used in some of Italy's most popular dishes such as lasagnas and casseroles.
Many people believe that pasta was brought to Italy during the 13th century
Lasagna is a dish that originated in Italy that includes ground beef, sausage, various vegetables, tomato sauces, pasta noodles, spices and many different types of cheese.
Lasagna originated in the city of Naples and became a traditional dish that soon grew very popular.
Soups are popular in Italy because the recipes have been passed down from generations to generations and different ingredients have been added over the years.
Pizza is a dish that originated in Itlay and has become popular everywhere.
The Greeks, Romans and Egyptians were eating bread and topped it with olive oil and spices and later added other toppings and is now known as pizza.
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