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Specialized Tissues in Plants 23-1

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Katelynn Dorn

on 7 February 2018

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Transcript of Specialized Tissues in Plants 23-1

Specialized Tissues in Plants 23-1
Seed Plant Structure
roots stems leaves
Plant Tissue Systems
Dermal tissue
- outermost layer of cells, 'skin'
Vascular tissue
- transport, 'bloodstream'
Ground tissue
- the other tissues in between, 'stuffing'
Dermal, Vascular, and Ground Tissue
Dermal Tissue- layer of epidermal cells
- waxy layer
- protect leaf and give fuzzy appearance
root hair cells
- increase surface area and absorption
guard cells
- regulate water loss and gas exchange
Vascular Tissue
xylem- made up of
vessel elements
phloem- made up of
sieve tube elements
companion cells
Ground Tissue
- thin cell walls, big vacuoles, chloroplasts
- make up supportive stalks of large plants
- thick, rigid cells; make ground tissue tough & strong

Plant Growth & Meristematic Tissue
meristems- tissue responsible for continuing growth
at the tips of roots and shoots
promotes cell division
apical meristem- produces length
reproductive plant organs are also produced in meristems
floral meristem
Classify each vegetable as a root, stem, leaf, bud, or other plant part.
How did you classify the onion? Why?
How did you classify the potato? How is its structure related to its function?
How did you classify the artichoke? What does its structure tell you about its function?
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