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Domestic Violence

How it is detrimental to the family,and how the effects are long lasting.

Jill Drouin

on 7 June 2011

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Transcript of Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Changing The Face Of Domestic Violence

In today`s society it's not just the female being the victim in domestic violence it's now more common for the male to be the victim of domestic violence.
Women abuse their partner because of a sense of control in their relationship.
Today women are acting differently in relationships they are more likely to stalk and psychologically abuse their partners.
86% of women are now using weapons such as guns, knives, baseball bats and boiling water to abuse their partner. Only a quater of men use weapons.
Women use weapons to feel more superior to their partners, because of the size and strength difference.
Most women use the excuse it was self defence, but four out of five studys show only a small percentage was self defence.
The most common form of abuse to use on their partner is emotional abuse, which is usually caused ny mood swings, jealousy or possessiveness.
Men usually stay in abusive relationships because of their children and/or fear of independency. Children Wintnessing Domestic Violence
Living with domestic violence causes the child to more likely develop social, emotional, psychological and behavioural problems than children who live in a loving and caring home.
They usually act out in ways that is not normal behaviour like bed wetting and nightmares, refusing to go to school, out of control behaviour and always seeking attention.
Certain Characterisitcs apply to different genders boys are more commonly express external reactions, such as hostility and aggression , where as girls tend to show more internalized behaviours such as depression, fear and physical ailments.
Children under the age of fifteen, 10% of them were harmed or threatened during spousal assault against women and 4% against men.
When the abuse continues, the child becomes at more risk to becoming drug or alcohol abusers or being involved in an abusive relationship themselves.
Boys who see their fathers beat their mothers are ten times more likely to abuse in their adult intimate relationships How Domestic violence effect the victim
Domestic violence has a negative effect on the victim it effects them physically, psychologically and socially.
Some ways are broken bones bruises,cuts and wounds, depression, low self esteem, anxiety, suicidal behaviour and isolation from friends and family.
The victims suffer the most of domestic violence especially if they have children , parents who are suffering from abuse may experience higher stress levels, which in turn, can influence the nature of their relationship and responses to their children.
Domestic abuse doesn't only affect their personal life but their work life as well.
Many health problems also go along with domestic violence like post traumatic stress disorder or a mental health disorder When to get help!
There is a cycle of abuse the honeymoon stage, the tension or build up stage and the explosion stage.
it's very important for friends or family to recognize that their loved one is being abused some of the signs are often check in with their partner when they are away from them, goes along with everything the partner say’s, may have injuries and make excuses for them, isolated from their loved ones , and have low self esteem even if it used to be high.
If you feel like you are in a domestic relationship, you probably are, some signs to the victim to recognize that they are in an abusive relationship are if you or your children have ever been physically hurt by your partner , if any possessions of yours are ruined or if you’re in fear of your partner.
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