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Sharleen Teo

on 22 March 2015

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

IMC Project
Done By:
Abel Teo (1205263E)
Chen Pei Yu (1205855H)
De souza Sarah Anne (1200937I)
Jace Tan (1203947E)
Nai Sher Hui (1200606J)
Sharleen Teo Hui Ting (1201914G)
Profile of Target Audience
With a monthly income of $300 and below
98% of respondents are single
Usually hangout at places that has FOOD

They spend and are
only willing to spend
less than $25 on grooming products
They started shaving at age 16-18
Majority are happy with razor blade shavers, they see no need in switching yet.
When asked which attributes suited them the most
Carefree, Spirited, Youthful, Genuine, Kind, Family Oriented, Thoughtful, Rough, Tough, Responsible, Dependable, Leader, Elegant, Classy, Reserved

Media Habits
Straits Times
(22 & Above)
Kiss 92fm, 987fm and 913fm
Uses Instagram often for quick updates
Drama Series, Videos
Ranking Social Media Platforms
Constantly on the go
Receives media updates on handheld devices
Prefer reading updates and information more than publishing content
WHY You ?
Increasing trend of males watching comedic and gaming videos
Little output from them, easy to search
More viral videos
A form of entertainment
Newspaper and Radio may be unpopular to males of younger aged (16-21)
Increasing online music platforms, such as itunes and spotify
Radio applicable to those who drives
Product and Brand Knowledge
They favour Gillette as the best shaver brand. Why?
Unfamiliar with the differences between razor blade shavers and electrical shavers
They use razor blade because it is CHEAP and EASY TO USE
They perceive electrical shavers to be better in extracting hair
Philips AquaTouch
99% have no awareness on the Philips Aquatouch Shaver Series
Little knowledge on rotary blades
More incline to purchase razor blade shavers
Behaviour and Usage
Selective Attention
Purchase based on Memory
Relate to shapes and colours
Unfamiliar with Electric Shavers
Males need reassurance that the product they bought met their expectations and fulfill their needs
Not a frequently visited category (compared to facial wash & blade shavers)
Electrical products requires thought and engagement
Behaviour and Usage
Non Users
First time buyers
Replacement buyers
Razor blade users
Electric users of other brands
.. Something common:
99% of respondents think that grooming is important
Cleansing their face
Applying treatment and serum cream
Styling of Hair
Spraying Cologne
10 - 20 minutes of preparation time
Why is grooming important?
Male are Functional
They seek short-cuts to achieve their end goals
Little involvement in purchasing shavers
Purpose of shaving would be to look good, enhance personal hygiene
Ultimately, they are concern about their appearances
Majority of males own a Razor Blade Shaver and they see no need in converting
Low involvement purchase behaviour
Awareness on Philips shavers is considerably low
Increase awareness on Philips and Electric Shavers
Emphasizing on product trial to promote conversion
Leveraging on point that males value grooming (maintenance of their looks) and their personal developments of being a MAN.
A combination of excitement and sophistication
Leverage on males' aspiration of being classy, attractive
Amplify their act of being well-groomed
Let T.A relate to Philips as a brand to help them achieve better grooming habits
Using Aquatouch Shavers
Secondary Associations
A Gentleman Lifestyle
1. Increase awareness / Hype
Showcase differences between electric and razor blade shavers
Induce Trial
Suave Wave (Instagram)
E-shavers Kiosk
Philips Pop-up Store
2. Encourage conversion and increase sales
Showcase Philips Personality
Create Brand Likeability
Highlight AquaTouch shavers (Point of Sales)
Leverage on trendy brands
GentleMANners Club Event
Philips GentleMANners Brochure
Rewarding the Gentlemen
1. Create 3 videos, specifically on
Introduce AquaTouch
shavers in the video
3. They are to mention about the E-Shavers & GentleMANners club event
4. Most importantly - Start the camapaign off with the
on social media!
1. Wah! Banana
Youtubers of choice:
3. Ryan Sylvia
2. Tree Potatoes
How to get Hype for this campaign?
Remember the ALS #IceBucketChallenge?
Since personal grooming is considered important to males
Feel frustrated when they forgot to shave
Distracted when not well groomed
On the mission to spread awareness on Philips AquaTouch
Plant E-Shavers Kiosks on the street for males to shave
What about Hygiene?
Philips S9000
How to promote the
Purchase a shaver and be part of the GentleMANners Club
Main Focus: Sales of Philips AquaTouch Shavers Series
Sale of grooming and fashion products
Using secondary associations with popular male brands (Particularly towards grooming and fashion)
Allow Philips to leverage on these brands
Through the sales of Philips AquaTouch Shavers, they would be entitled to be part of the GentleMANners Club
Males are able to receive a range of benefits from these brands for a month
Brands that might be essential for their lifestyle/grooming
Enjoy benefits from Philips whole year round (Personal Care)
Subsequent GentleMANners Club event will only be entitled to club members
What this membership does?
Staged scenarios
Hidden cameras to capture all positive acts
Reward males who have good manners with Philips Limited Edition Suitcases
Videos will be uploaded on Instagram, Facebook, Philips website
Promote mannerisms
Corporate Social Responsibility
Singapore Kindness Movement
Manners we are looking out for:
Gantt Chart
Time line:
Total: $156,826

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