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M2K Kids

on 31 October 2014

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Transcript of Halloween

By: Lily Gron

About Halloween
Halloween is celebrated on the night of October 31st. Scottish and Irish immigrants had brought over the tradition to North America in the 19th century. Other countries started to embrace it in the 20th century though. The ancient Gaels thought that on October 31st, the bounderies between the worlds both the living and the dead overlapped and the deceased would come back to life and cause trouble such as sickness and damaged crops. This started about in the middle ages.
When did Halloween start??
Halloween started in christian times. It was even before the New Testiment was even found!!
That's a really long time ago!!
Why do we have trick-or-treating?
Trick-or-treating started a while ago. It was for everyone that was poor. The poor needed to get food someway so they went trick-or-treating. If the family would give the other family food they were blessed. If the poor did not get any food a trick is played on that house hold.
Interesting Facts
The word Halloween was just a shortening of "All Hallows Evening" or "All Hallows Eve." In Ohio, Iowa, and Massachusetts refear to Halloween as Beggers Night.
When did jack-o-lanterns come about??
This question was a bit hard to find. Then I found the perfect story to go along with this.
It all starts out with Stingy Jack. Stingy Jack wanted to have a nice drink with the devil. The devil said ok. Then they went out and got a drink. Hince the name Stingy Jack, he did not want to pay., so he asked the devil to turn into a coin.
Stingy Jack kept the coin next to a cross in his pocket, so the devil couldnt change back. Stingy Jack made him promise to leave him alone for 1 year and to never take his soul if he ever dies.
In a year Stingy Jack wanted to renew his safety from the devil so he had the devil climb a tree, so they could eat some lovely apples. The devil did and Stingy jack carved a cross into that tree. Then the devil could not come down.
Stingy Jack waited till the devil said he would not bother him for the next 10 years. Eventually he did die.
God could not take his soul because he did bad things with the devil. As the devil promised he did not take Stingy Jack's soul. All that Stingy Jack could do is wonder around this world with ther only light that he had, was a pumpkin with a little bit of coal in it. That is why its called Jack-o-lantern!!
My scary Character is a Goblin
Why does everyone fear goblins? well here is a story to find out.
It all started with a little tiny goblin. He was a very nice goblin and didn't want to harm anyone.
Sure he didn't look very cute as that kitty, but he was nice.
He wondered the forest all alone. Then one day a human came. He said "I am from the villiage. My people want me to bring back 10 of your kinds head's."
The little goblin asked to be let go, But the human didnt want to listen and the goblin told him never annoy a goblin and ran into the forest.
Then the goblin came back but much bigger and stronger and that was the last of the human. The last thing that human saw was a huge fist coming right at him.
When the villiage people never saw him they got worried and then feared the goblins in stead of laughing at them.
Have a happy Halloween
The End
* wattpad.com
* history.com
* cgon.org
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